Utah’s 100 fastest growing companies ranked


The 18th annual list of Utah’s 100 fastest growing companies was released on Oct. 9 containing a number of businesses where BYU students are welcomed and sometimes sought after.

The list was released by MountainWest Capital network.

Topping the list was Radiate Media, a media firm based in Salt Lake. According to Radiate Media’s website, the company helps to “drive business to local merchants by providing interactive tools.”

Courtesy Radiate Media
Hal Widlansky, president and COO of Radiate Media, said the company has spent the last couple years expanding its network of partners in order to grow the business. “Now we’re helping to grow their businesses, which helps ours,” Widlansky said.

Widlansky said Radiate Media has a lot of employees with business and marketing backgrounds, as well as software engineers.

Although Radiate has quite a few BYU graduates, Widlansky said the best way to land a job with the company is through internships and experience regardless of the school.

“We’ve run internship programs the last couple of years,” Widlansky said. “Getting experience in professional environments early on in their (students) college career makes them more valuable.”

At number 84 on the list is Intrepid, a hybrid communications firm in Salt Lake. Originally a public relations firm, Intrepid has transitioned into a multi-discipline communication agency, according to the company’s website.

Mike Grass, co-owner and officer of the agency, said Intrepid promotes growth through hiring the best people, finding clients that value what the agency has to offer and providing high-level customer service.

Grass said Intrepid hires a lot of BYU specialized graduates following graduation.

“PR and marketing students coming out of BYU are some of the most prepared students we’ve seen.  They not only have a good understanding of the core skills needed in the communication field but they also have a better comprehension of the work environment,” Grass said. “A resumé from a BYU graduate trumps most any other school, which means something coming from a diehard Utah fan.”

Grass suggests four things students can work on to make them stronger candidates to Intrepid.

1) Experience, internships, volunteer work, etc. Show me that you don’t have to be trained to work here.

2) Show results from your experience. You need to back up what you’ve done with measurable results.

3) Stand out when you apply. Get our attention.

4) Know how to write.

Green River Capital is a REO or real estate-owned management company that ranked 28 on the list.

Brent Taggart, Sr. Vice President of Client Relations, said the company has benefited by the large number of foreclosures in recent years, which has helped them to grow. However, the company has developed a number of programs to increase business, including a lending program that will help keep the business profitable once lending returns.

Green River Capital seeks to “hire the best candidates regardless of where they went to school,” Taggart said.

The list of 100 fastest growing companies contained many businesses familiar to BYU students including Cafe Rio (83), Ancestry.com (69) and Skullcandy (26), the popular headphone and earphone manufacturer based out of Salt Lake.

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