Police Beat



Oct. 10 A female reported being harassed by her own parents when they attempted to enter her apartment without her permission. She reported that her parents also sent a text to her cell phone while she was home alone. When officers arrived, both parents had left the area.


Oct. 6 A couple was seen entering the NCAA track after hours and was reported for trespassing. No further actions were taken.

Oct. 10 A male subject was cited for a pedestrian cross walk violation by West Campus Drive. The individual was later arrested, cited for criminal trespassing and released.


Oct. 4 A student’s backpack was reported stolen from the Thomas L. Martin Building. The backpack contained valuables including the student’s laptop, books and scriptures. There are no suspects at this time.

Oct. 4 A student’s phone was reported stolen from the Heber J. Grant Building when it was left in a restroom. The phone is valued at $600.

Oct. 5 A student has yet to return a rental laptop to the McDonald Building. It is now past the date of return agreed upon in the contract.

Oct. 5 A laptop was stolen from the Tanner Building. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time.

Oct. 5 A student attempted to leave the Harold B. Lee Library with a book before checking it out. The student was cited with library theft.

Oct. 5 A student reported her wallet missing from her backpack. The wallet has yet to be recovered.

Oct. 9 A student’s backpack was stolen from the Wilkinson Student Center.  The property is valued at $1,571. There are no suspects at this time.

Oct. 9 A male individual was observed walking along West Campus Drive with two bicycles. It was determined that one of the bicycles was not his property. The individual was cited for theft.

Oct. 10 There was a delayed theft report of a lost cell phone from an office in the Eyring Science Center. There are no known suspects at this time.

Oct. 10 An individual reported a bike stolen from the area surrounding the Brimhall Building.

Criminal Mischief

Oct. 4 Old graffiti was reported at the LaVell Edwards Stadium. The grounds crew has removed it.

Oct. 7 Police responded to a report of a group of people by the Ellsworth Building refusing to leave. When police arrived, it turned out to be an event sponsored by BYU. The individuals had permission to be there.

Oct. 9 Graffiti was reported on the indoor practice field.

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