Cause of Library evacuation unknown


The fire alarms sounded at the Harold B. Lee Library last night around 10 p.m. Students were forced to evacuate through the emergency exits located throughout the building.

The facts will be released by the University Police within the next 48 hours. As students rushed down the stairs to exit, rumors quickly spread as what caused the fire alarm to go off.

Students rush down the HBLL stairs during the evacuation

Jared Maxfield, a junior majoring in business, was on the fourth floor studying when the lights started to flash and the noise escalated.

“When it first started going off, I thought to myself, ‘I’m just going to turn my music up louder because it’s just another drill,'” Maxfield said. “And then (the alarm) didn’t stop, and I thought, ‘I should probably leave.'”

At first, students were confused as to what was happening and if it was a drill or a real emergency. Amanda Egan, 18, a freshman studying pre-music education, was studying with friends when panic struck.

“Everybody just looked up really fast and seemed really confused because they didn’t know what was going on,” Egan said.

Speculation surrounding the cause of the evacuation circulated among the students outside of the Library.

Sarah Anderson heard a rumor that experimentation was taking place at the library.

“I heard someone say that there were students experimenting with fire or something and that’s what caused the alarms to go off,” Anderson said. “I don’t think anyone was harmed because there’s no sirens going off or firetrucks on the way.”

The doors were closed at the HBLL because patrons were required to use emergency exits

Although the real reasons behind the Library evacuation have yet to be released, it seems as though nobody was injured.


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