BYU swim and dive alumni meet


In the spirit of homecoming tradition, BYU swim and dive will be hosting its annual alumni meet today at the Richards Building.

The meet will bring back former swimmers and divers from the BYU team, both young and old, who look forward to jumping back in the water to compete against this year’s swim and dive team.

“It’s more-less a chance to race against their old pals,” Head Coach John Brooks said. “The alumni meet is more about enjoying and sharing time with one another from past years.”

Brooks said the age span varies from swimmers that just left the team all the way to his 72-year-old father that swam in last year’s alumni meet.

“It’s fun to see the alumni come back,” Brooks said “It’s fun to see what kind of shape they’re in now and see how their families are.”

Despite the fun nature of the meet, Brooks said the team is still expected to perform to the best of their ability.

Junior Robert Miner said he looks forward to the fun of it, but also enjoys the rivalry of competing against former teammates.

“This is more of a fun meet… but it’s competitive nonetheless,” Miner said. ” You just do the best you can and take every meet as a learning experience.”

Travis Day is a former diver from last year’s team and looks forward to the opportunity to dive again with his past teammates.

“For me personally, it’s my last chance to go out there, have fun and do the things that I’ve practiced for these past four years here at the school,” Day said.

Day has unofficially assisted in coaching the diving team since leaving last year and said he looks forward to diving against some of them.

“I’m still a little bit rusty,” Day said. “But I’m excited about the alumni meet and it’s a chance to prove to myself that I’ve still got it.”

The Cougars will face off with the Alumni Cougars at 6 P.M tonight at the Richards Building Pool.

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