“Mormon Missionary” book signing at the BYU Bookstore


Daily scripture studying, tracting and teaching are all aspects of mission life, and those who want an even deeper understanding can find honest insights in the book “Two Years in God’s Army,” by Ross H. Palfreyman, which will be featured this Saturday at a book signing in the BYU Bookstore.

“Two Years in God’s Mormon Army” is an honest recollection of Palfreyman’s 1974 mission service in Thailand.

“It came right out of my journal from my mission,” Palfreyman said. “I originally wrote it for my children, and my boys actually read it on their missions.”

The book details some of the spiritual highs that are experienced on a mission, as well as the day-to-day lows.

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“Specifics of the mission are what I’m honest about,” Palfreyman said. “If you read my book before you leave on your mission, you will be better prepared for both ends of the spiritual pendulum.”

Columnist Teryl Zarnow from the Orange County Register, read the book because of a piqued interest in Mitt Romney’s religion and interviewed Palfreyman.

“Palfreyman’s book offers as much information as inspiration,” Zarnow said. “Today missionaries and Mormons are a hot topic due to Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy and a zany hit musical, ‘The Book of Mormon.'”

The book also peaked the interest of BYU students on campus because of the newly released changes made to the missionary age.

Brittany Richards, a junior studying food science, considered the changed missionary age to be the hottest topic at BYU.

“It’s all I hear about,” Richards said. “Missionary service is definitely a hot topic, so the book might do well.”

Palfreyman is also excited about this new development in the Church’s missionary efforts.

“I love the change,” Palfreyman said. “The lower age of 18 makes it more convenient for boys to leave right out of high school. That was the exact situation I was in. It would have been so much more convenient for me.”

“Two Years in God’s Mormon Army” is also enjoyed by returned missionaries who can relate to Palfreyman’s missionary experiences.

“Returned missionaries have loved the book,” Palfreyman said. “I have had several call me and teared up, because they were able to relive their missions by reading the book.”

Palfreyman is scheduled to visit the BYU Bookstore for a book signing on Saturday Oct. 13 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“Almost anyone who has been on a mission could write this book,” Palfreyman said. “But it is unique because it is more objective than the normal Mormon missionary. I am very honest about my experience as a missionary.”

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