The weekly five: Underrated bands that you should check out


Music is so pervasive in society and popularly generated for the consumption and enjoyment of all  because everyone has their own tastes and styles. That being said, a common consensus is not impossible to draw.

Granted, we all love the intimate connection we share with artists that only we know about. But let’s share the wealth with everyone. We want ‘our secrets’ to succeed, but the way to make it in the ever-changing world of music is through vast awareness. Share those secrets, raise awareness and enjoy music. iPhone dance parties (IDP) may be fun and all, but even though we might not all sing the same tune, music is music, and it’s meant to be shared and played.  Indie and alternative styles have made a comeback this summer, here are five of the most underrated bands that are a must add to any playlist.

5. Keane — An alternative rock band from England. They’re known for their use of lead piano and synthesizers instead of guitars to further their melodies. Their album “Strangeland” topped British charts in 2012.

“Not having guitars makes them different,” Leah Miller said, a junior studying communications disorders. “They’re a nice in-between band for when you don’t want screaming guitars when you break up and when you don’t want the mushiness of Michael Buble when you’re in a relationship. I feel like sometimes at BYU you just need something in the middle, because everyone is always one on extreme or the other.”

4. Sigur Ros — Hailing from Iceland, this band’s self-proclaimed mission is to bring listeners the beautiful landscape of their homeland through ambient, alternative sounds. Scott Wall, a junior studying supply chain, recommends this band.

“Honestly, it’s just nice to hear things that don’t sound like everything else,” Wall said. “I mean they’ve been around forever, but I think the reason the people still like them is their unique sound. They don’t sound like every other band these days.”

3. Nick Drake — Though he recorded his three albums over 40 years ago, the quality of his music is certainly not transient but timeless. The beautiful and delicate acoustics he arranged for guitar are so complex that they are rarely covered.

“Nick Drake is one of the most criminally underrated artists of all time,” Scott Church said, professor of popular culture and media. “He invented guitar tunings like some people tie their shoes.  He was painfully shy and never really performed live so his music never caught traction nor were any live recordings made. Fortunately, he’s been experiencing a bit of a renaissance this last decade, at least ever since Volkswagen aired a commercial that aired his song ‘Pink Moon.'”

2. The Moth & The Flame — Provo’s own up-and-coming indie band. This alternative rock band is new to the music scene but shows potential and is quickly gaining support locally and nationally. Cole Nixon from Ogden has high hopes for their success.

“They’re great and I love seeing them live,” Nixon said. “I know with more exposure, they could make it big.”

1. Stornoway — A British indie folk alternative band named after the Scottish town on the Isle of Lewis. The name represents the distant, coastal, remote sounds their music evokes.

Whether it be rock’n’roll, jazz, rap, classical, indie, alternative, hip-hop, folk or any combination of those and more, music is something we all relate to. Music is something we all use to express ourselves and our styles, and it allows us to make connections to inner feelings which words are inadequate to express because it can be social or deeply personal. If nothing else, music is a driving force of cultural experiences that can’t be reckoned with. Go discover the power of music, and when you do, please pass it on. When found, musical gems only shine brighter when they’re shared.

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