Nike Frees and other popular athletic gear light up campus


The 80s have come back to BYU, but this time in the form of neon-colored laces and soles. These highlighter colored shoes are trending past the gym and into the regular day-to-day activities of numerous students.

Many students are finding these brightly colored sneakers more comfortable and reliable than a pair of heels or boots.

Brooke Smith, a 21-year-old senior from Los Angeles majoring in economics, said she enjoys how the brightly colored shoes are lighting up campus sidewalks.

“I love the colors,” Smith said. “I think workout clothes are the only thing you can wear that are outspoken and people don’t have a problem with. You should have fun with your workout clothes and shoes.”

Mark Parker, Nike Inc. CEO, said in a news release that the newest addition to the Nike line is intended to give athletes the highest level of performance, while remaining stylish.

Neon colored shoes are trending – and not just at the gym.

Glenn Griffin, a 22-year-old junior from Mission Viejo, Calif., majoring in public health, owns a pair of gray and yellow Nike-brand shoes. He originally preferred the Asics brand for running, but the shoe manufacturer did not have his preferred neon-colored model.

“If you are a super serious athlete, buy the nice stuff,” Griffin said.

Griffin said he believes there is little difference between athletic brands. He said Asics and Nike provide the same service, but Vans, a shoe brand predominately used for style, would not bode well on a treadmill.

While some students are concerned with the construction and use of their neon shoes and other athletic apparel, some on campus purchase their gear based on popularity alone.

Evan Chymboryk, a 22-year-old junior from Alberta, Canada, majoring in exercise and wellness, owns a plethora of athletic wear. Asics, Nike, Puma and Adidas are among the brands in his collection.

Chymboryk said the new Nike shoes are essential for those up on current trends. Chymboryk later discussed how there are some shoe brands that are unacceptable.

“Some times other brands don’t look good,” Chymboryk said. “There is no such thing as cool New Balance shoes. It is impossible to get a cool pair.”

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