Governor challenges earlier finish to I-15 construction


Gov. Gary Herbert challenged the I-15 Core Project to finish the project nearly a month earlier than originally planned.

Signs for the I-15 CORE, which now litter Utah County, will soon be removed with the Governor’s challenge to finish the project by Thanksgiving.

The construction project on the stretch of I-15 from Lehi to Spanish Fork for the past two years was originally slated to finish this December.

John Njord, Director of UDOT, said, “They had initially given us a date of the end of December of this year. I’m fairly confident that they will beat that date. The governor’s challenge to them was to finish before Thanksgiving,” Njord said. “They’re working really hard to accomplish that goal, and I have confidence that they will be successful. In fact, I think they’ll beat Thanksgiving.”

According to the project’s website, construction is 90 percent complete, and with a little more than a month and a half left before the new deadline, the end is near.

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