Divine Comedy hits the tube


Fans of BYU’s Divine Comedy can now enjoy more laughs, jokes and spoofs from the comfort of their own couch as the stage production goes televised.

The televised version of the show, called “Studio C,” will premiere Oct. 6. Until then, anticipation and excitement grip the cast.

“I’m very excited for the show,”Adam Berg, a “Studio C” cast member from Highland said. “It’s been a very long road to get the show to happen and I was just along for the ride for a lot of it, but it is very exciting,” Berg said.

Berg said the idea for a televised sketch comedy show had been floating around Divine Comedy members for years, but never really panned out. Then, with the success of videos like “Provo, Utah Girls” and “Firebolt,” the idea finally came to fruition about a year ago.

Divine Comedy is leaving the stage and coming into your living room on its new show, Studio C.

“I think that the show is going to be very unique, very fun, and we have a lot of fresh ideas and a lot of really smart people working for us,”  Mallory Everton, a three-year member of Divine Comedy said.

Everton said she feels the hardest part of producing “Studio C” has been learning how to work with television, as Divine Comedy has never done TV and BYUtv has never done comedy. It is this paradigm shift, though, that the cast feels will be a benefit to BYUtv.

“I’m excited for some fun TV shows on BYUtv,” Stacey Harkey, a junior from Dallas said.

Harkey, Berg and Everton feel that broadcasting the sketch comedy show to the world through BYUtv will help people who aren’t members of the LDS church see that Mormons are normal people and like to laugh, just like everyone else.

“It’s a very unique opportunity, I think, for the university, BYUtv and even the Church in a sense,” Berg said. “People can come see a different side of us that they might not have seen of Mormons. I think Studio C has such great potential to do a lot of good for the Church and the members and to help break down some social walls, that could lead people to investigating the Church.”

Everton agreed and said she sees “Studio C” as a sort of unofficial continuation of the Church’s “I’m a Mormon” campaign.

“We don’t have to say anything about being Mormon or going to BYU. We’re just normal people who laugh and like to have a good time just like you,” Everton said.

Harkey said that “Studio C” is kind of like missionary work at it’s finest.

“We’re not throwing Book of Mormons at people or stuffing pass-along cards down their pocket, but you know, it’s essentially exposing BYU and the Church,” Harkey said.

“Studio C” will host a private screening this Wednesday and the first episode of Season 1 will air on Saturday, Oct. 6, right after the second session of General Conference.




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