Police Beat



Sept. 27- A vehicle backed into another in attempt to back into traffic. There was minimal damage, and nobody was injured.

Sept. 27- A student employee reportedly lost control of a lawn mower, resulting in the damage of a parked car. There was no criminal intent, and no one was injured.

Sept. 24- A bicyclist ran into the back of a BYU vehicle. The bicyclist was not injured.

Sept. 27- A truck struck the ceiling of a tunnel  at the Ellsworth Bldg., sustaining damage to the cargo area of the truck. No one was injured.

Hit and Run

Sept. 27- There was an accident in lot 26. The owner of the vehicle who caused the accident said he needed to get his registration from home. He has not been heard from since.

Sept. 27- An accident occurred at “The Cone” on 900 East. A visitor to campus found his parked car damaged at 3:15 p.m. There are no known suspects.

Sept. 26- The passenger’s-side door of a vehicle could not be opened. It appeared to have been struck by an unknown vehicle.


Sept. 25- A student stole a camera from the Bookstore Tent Sale. The student was arrested and cited with a Provo City citation for retail theft. The camera was valued at $500.

Animal Problems

Sept. 23- A deer was located in the stadium although all gates were locked. The gates were opened, and the deer was herded out. No harm was done in the process.

Public Peace

Sept. 27- At 2:32 a.m., there was a complaint that residents were being too loud. An officer dispersed the crowd.

Suspicious Acts

Sept. 26- A woman was reported screaming in the area of the Marriott Center. An officer asked a couple in the parking lot, who reportedly heard nothing. There appeared to be nobody in distress in the area. This appeared to be a prank call.

Sept. 28- A student called to report an unusual note that was left on the 100 level of the BNSB. There was no reported threat on the note.

Juvenile Reports

Sept. 23- Six juveniles were playing tag in the TNRB. A custodian told officers of the problem. When an officer arrived, nobody was found.

Sept. 26- Juveniles were reported throwing items off the eastern-most pedestrian overpass. They were gone upon officers’ arrival.


Sept. 26- A call was made of a teenager on a motor scooter speeding through the Wymount parking lot after school hours. The suspect was reported and cited.


Sept. 23- Chalk art graffiti was found on a cement retaining wall with the message to be allowed to longboard on campus. The artwork was signed MR. Even though it is chalk, it is against the law.

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