Students and alumni to ignite 'career candles'


Students and alumni will flood the south campus stream with light as part of the “Ignite Your Career” event hosted by the BYU Alumni Association, and will be held in the Maeser building quad area, Oct. 2 at 7 p.m.

Ignite Your Career is a movement hosted by the BYU Alumni Association to help students bridge the gap between college and career choices through the use of mentors. The mentors provide real world experience and advice to BYU students.

Keith Lue, the alumni outreach manager for the BYU Alumni Association, said Ignite Your Career is designed to help students transition into the professional world.

“Ignite Your Career is a movement to help BYU students learn how to find a mentor and successfully cross the bridge from college to career,” Lue said. “Students will then ignite their career candle and launch a floating water lantern on the south campus stream.”

Lue said students who still may not be sure about their future profession can still learn from “Ignite Your Career.”

“Students receive help and connect with willing alumni who have already traversed the sometimes challenging path from college to career,” he said. “Even students who are uncertain about their career will benefit from this event.”

Spencer Esplin, a junior studying civil engineering, said he thinks it’s good idea to have alumni programs for students.

“I think that’s a really important gap that needs to be bridged,” Spencer said. “(Working with alumni) is one of the best and easiest ways to network. That’s where I’ve had a lot of success and I know that is where a lot of people have had their success.”

Kimo Esplin, chief financial officer of Huntsman Corporation and BYU grad, said he enjoys working with students and having the opportunity to mentor them.

“BYU has several programs that I participate in, that I enjoy very much,” Esplin said. “One of them is the mentoring program. … Also coming down to campus and helping teach classes and meeting with students, is a lot of fun. Through it, our company has hired some of these kids and some of them have been able to get a sense for what is out there in the world and what opportunities they might want to pursue.”

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