President Henry B. Eyring quotes Lucy Mack Smith in Relief Society broadcast


President Henry B. Eyring, spoke at the Relief Society General broadcast concerning the three parts of the qualifications of what Relief Society means.

President Eyring quoted Lucy Mack Smith when she said  Relief Society sisters must “cherish one another, watch over one another, comfort one another and gain instruction, that we may all sit down in heaven together.”

“My purpose tonight is to help you feel the commendation and appreciation of God for what you have already done to help each other reach that lofty goal,” said President Eyring. “And, second, it is to describe some of what is yet to come in your unified service.”

President Eyring said that although Relief Society is made up of women from different life circumstances, different stages and with different levels of experience, it is unified by the knowledge that all women are daughters of God, who watches over and knows each one individually.

“With all your differences in personal circumstances and past experiences I can tell you something of what lies ahead for you,” he said. “As you keep the faith you will find yourself invited by the Lord often to serve someone in need when it will not seem convenient.”

President Eyring shared a personal story about his daughter’s distress when giving birth to one of her children. Her husband was away at work and could not drive her to the hospital. Her visiting teaching companion showed up unannounced, simply following a prompting that she needed to go visit Elizabeth, President Eyring’s daughter.

“A faithful member of the Relief Society, prompted by the Holy Ghost, watched over, cherished, and comforted her sister in God’s kingdom,” President Eyring said. “She and the tens of thousands of others who have given such inspired service over the generations have not only the thanks of those they helped and their loved ones, but of the Lord.”

How the members of the Latter-day Saint church care and serve each other is what makes it God’s church, President Eyring expressed. He said that, usually, times of service will come at inconvenient times and may require more than one set of hands, and it will require a team – it will require a society.

“We lighten their loads,” he said. “as we are patient with their weaknesses and celebrate whatever goodness we can see in them. … You will be strengthened and yet inspired to know the extent of your ability to serve. The Spirit will comfort you when you may wonder, ‘Did I do enough?’

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