Weekly Five: 5 Must-see shows this season


Autumn brings with it cool mornings, beautiful color, festive holidays and, best of all, new seasons of the best TV shows.

Modern Family begins Wednesday, September 26 at 9 pm on ABC. The show won “Best Comedy Award” for the third year in a row at the 2012 Emmy Awards.
Here is a list of five shows that students say must be watched this fall:

1. “The Big Bang Theory”

Whether one considers himself a nerd or merely takes a fancy to watching what nerdy people do in life, this is the perfect show.

“I like the show because it’s really funny, and I can relate to the geek humor because I’m a geek myself,” Marissa Luke, a recent BYU graduate from Spokane, Wash., said.

Luke’s favorite character is by far the lovable Sheldon. She loves his awkward social abilities and how he gets on everyone else’s nerves. Catch Sheldon, Leonard and the rest of the gang on Sept. 27.

2. “The Walking Dead”

What could make October better than the season-three premier of this gut-spilling, blood-squirting, head-exploding zombie extravaganza? What will happen next for Rick Grimes now that the survivors are beginning to doubt his leadership? Who will become infected next? The post-apocalyptic story continues Oct. 14.

3. “Modern Family”

Another crowd pleaser for this season is “Modern Family.”

“I like the interaction between all the characters, and the show is very cleverly written,” Ashley Chipman, an English major from Tustin, Calif., said.

“Modern Family” is a show all about the societal shifts in the definition of today’s American family. Its portrayal of this diversified family has earned the show many awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. The Pritchett family returns Sept. 26.

4. “New Girl”

Next up is last year’s starting series “New Girl.” The show stars Zooey Deschanel as an elementary school teacher (who occasionally bursts into song) who moves into an apartment with three bachelors.

“New Girl” shows great potential to capture a large audience as its pilot episode drew in over 10 million viewers — the most for a Fox pilot since “The Bernie Mac Show” aired in 2001. Season two continues Sept. 25.

5. “Community”

The final show that promises some good laughs this season is “Community,” picking up again on Oct. 19.

The show’s comedic portrayal of the strange and interesting characters enrolled in a community college has earned the show dozens of nominations, including four 2011 Satellite Awards and an Emmy for Best Comedy Series. It has also had quite the cult following, especially among college-age viewers like Joy Patterson, an elementary education major from Las Vegas.

“I love the situations they get themselves into,” said Patterson. “It’s hilarious.”

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