BYU Innovation Academy to host workshop


The BYU Innovation Academy is hosting an event today at 5:30 p.m., in 3228 Wilkinson Student Center to help students learn how to cultivate and develop original ideas.

Innovators, business professionals and artists will gather at the event to experiment and expand on ideas. Taylor Halverson, an Innovation Academy advisor, said the event is open to students regardless of their major.

“Any student who is interested in interdisciplinary innovation and networking with like-minded students from across BYU should come to this event,” Halverson said. “Whoever has an idea that they would like to grow should be there.”

The Innovation Academy promotes creativity and hard work in a productive environment. Salvael Edtrada, head of the BYU Innovation Academy, appreciates the academy’s diversity and productivity.

“Innovation Academy is the largest student-run program that bridges across campus and expands on innovation skills, hard work and learning from others,” Estrada said.

Jeff Schwarting, a student involved with the Innovation Academy said he accomplishes tasks using the methods practiced by innovators in the Innovation Academy.

“The Innovation Academy is like the Nike of BYU,” Schwarting said. “They just get things done.”

[media-credit name=”Courtesy of BYU Innovation Academy” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]At the workshop event, everyone will be included and have opportunities to be creative and express ideas.

“Innovation is a skill anyone can develop,” Halverson said. “In fact, the world needs individuals from all disciplines to be more innovative.”

The Innovation Academy has recently been working on ways to make e-book companies more successful as well as many other projects. The group promotes networking in order to spark ideas and become more successful.

According to Estrada, the academy consists of two levels. The first level is open to all students to share their creative ideas and work with others to expand on them, and the second level, the Innovation Center, is a place for hands-on work.

“Fifty students are accepted to the Innovation Center every year and in the center the students receive great mentoring and (are) more available to networking opportunities,” Estrada said. “It’s an incubator where the students can pitch ideas and then create them in a productive environment.”

The Innovation Academy is holding this event to welcome all students and allow them to see what the academy has been doing at BYU in terms of innovation and creativity.

“Our goal is to allow students to have a greater impact on the world by being innovators,” Estrada said.

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