Men’s soccer finds success in this weekend’s double header


The men’s soccer team came out undefeated after this weekend’s match-ups with the University of Utah and Southern Utah University.

“My favorite part was beating University of Utah and getting some revenge after football,” sophomore defender Sterling Hancock said.

In Friday’s match, the Cougars overthrew the Utes with a final score of 4-0. They were able to score within the first five minutes of the game and continue in confidence from there.

The weekend then progressed into a large win for the Cougars on Saturday night when they beat the Thunderbirds 16-0.

The Cougars were pleased with their accomplishments this weekend and left the field both nights with smiles.

“We’re scoring goals,” Hancock said. “And not just any goals, exciting goals. I think we were able to have fun.”

The Cougars scored a total of 20 goals in just two games, leaving players with mainly positive things to say.

“We finished really well,” senior defender Douglas Clark said. “We scored goals, which is important to win.”

Coming off two wins, the men are happy but still ready to get back to work.

“Something we could work on would be moving the ball quicker,” Hancock said, “instead of just dribbling, working on actually moving quick.”

Clark said the team needs to work on discipline when it gets ahead, but with these two shut-outs there isn’t much to criticize.

Assistant Coach Chad Sackett said the fall season is used primarily to get to know and understand the new prospective players. These last two games have allowed teammates to get to know one another and the attitudes seem positive.

“It’s exciting being able to play with the new guys,” Hancock said. “They’re good players. Now I feel like we’re getting some chemistry, so it’s good.”

BYU takes on Utah Valley University next  Saturday at 7 p.m. on BYU’s South Field.

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