Marriage is a common theme all over BYU campus, but what about at the south field? Over the summer, four soccer players traded blue jerseys for white dresses and ditched the cleats to tie the not.

Carly Payne Holmoe was amongst the four lady cougars to marry this summer.

She says, “It was… definitely stressful for a good… a period of time trying to plan a wedding and work out and try to get back into soccer mode.”

The other three girls that got hitched this summer were Lindsi Lizonbee Cutshall, Dana Cusick and Stacy Heap. These girls have not only had to change the names on the back of their jerseys, but they have had to adapt to a completely different social life.

Carly said “I would go out with girls on the team and we would hang out at nights and go to parties and go to dance parties and stuff before so that part is a little different just to know like… oh ok well have a good weekend.”

The social life of these newlweds insn’t the only thing that changed. Their daily regiment has changed on and off south field. Lindsi says that she has been more focused since she has been married.

“I’ve been more focused because I can spend a lot of time with him every day and not see him… here and there and then I get to focus a ton on school and soccer.”

Although it has been a change for these players, people have questioned if it has affected the way they play the game. All of the coaches have agreed that their marriage has actually helped their performance.

Coach Chris Watkins says ” Normally the girls struggle a little bit when they get married and these girls are doing great…they’re very focused…[and] very committed; I think it helps that they’re together, that they’re seniors and they really want to make something out of this season…certainly marriage has been very good for them.”

These ladies may have different names on the field. But they still have what it takes to play the game.

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