eviDANCE captures the hearts of the audience


The BYU touring dance companies teamed up to perform a variety of dances in the show eviDANCE. The show took the audience on a journey through representing various dance themes.

The new spin on World of Dance was complete with diversity and unity. The performance carried on the tradition of World of Dance, but focused on four themes that enabled the audience to explore the evidences of dance. The show highlighted the idea that dance is whimsical, romantic, mysterious and life.

‘Dance is whimsical’ was the first theme exposed to the audience. It started off with a fun, up-beat dance by the Contemporary Dance Theatre (CDT) and then entertaining ballroom, ballet and folk dance numbers followed, keeping the mood light and free.

“My favorite dance in the ‘Dance is Whimsical’ section was ‘I Got Rhythm’ by Theatre Ballet,” said Earlet Meiners from Orem. “It shows the enthusiasm for life and relationships. It was very entertaining throughout the whole piece.”

The mood then changed as the theme progressed to ‘Dance is Romantic.’ The Ballroom Dance Company came out in long, beautiful dresses with movements that swept the stage gracefully. As the audience was swept away, the 2012 U.S. national amateur cabaret champions came out on stage performing a series of intricate lifts.

“The cabaret number was breathtaking,” said Kristy Yoo, and asian studies major from Korea “They were in sync and complimented each other well. The skill level was just exquisite.”

From fans to the majestic head pieces of Living Legends, ‘Dance is Mysterious’ was the next theme portrayed to the audience. It then transitioned to a light and lovable mood of ‘Dance is Life’ showcasing how dance is always an expression of life.

“I thought the four themes gave eviDANCE a unique spin and drew you into the performance as a whole,” said Kirsten Cannon, a dance major from Boise, Idaho. “There is so much different talent that each group represented in its own way. I love how dance brings everyone together.”

Yoo said the show inspired her to push her limits. She learned to not give up and to stretch herself beyond her limits. She wanted to enrich her life with culture, with dance being one of them.

As the show ended, the audience gave a roaring applause and standing ovation. The dancers bowed happily after performing their interpretations of the evidences of dance.

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