BYU national rankings go up


A college guidebook published by U.S. News & World Report hits stores tomorrow and nationally recognizes BYU for much more than the usual sports or religion.  BYU was ranked alongside other top universities in several different categories.

“The 2013 Best Colleges Guidebook” ranks more than 1,400 accredited colleges and universities in many different categories. In it, readers learn how BYU compares to other universities in the United States. Some of BYU’s highest rankings included placing third for “Best Accounting Programs,” fifth in the category of “Least Debt,”15th for “Great Schools at Great Prices,” 15th in International Business and 16th in Entrepreneurship.

BYU spokesman Todd Hollingshead said that the rankings help prospective students make the decision to attend BYU. “They know that they can come here and get a excellent and respected education. And they can get it at a decent price.”

BYU is ranked among the top universities in the nation

The price of a BYU education is one of the biggest draws for potential students. Students know that they can come to BYU and receive a high quality education for an almost unbeatable price.

“It’s a good education for what it’s worth,” said Erik Leavell, a junior studying public health, from Las Vegas, Nev. “It’s a well-known university and everyone knows BYU produces good people and good employees.”

These were also not the only categories in which BYU had high rankings. BYU landed 31st in the “Best Undergraduate Business” category, 49th for “High School Counselor Rankings,” 85th in top engineering schools for Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology and finally, 68th for overall ranking among all national universities.

“Seeing BYU with high rankings makes me proud of our school. It’s nice to see that BYU can compete with all of the other universities,” said Danielle Cronquist, an English major, from Atlanta, Ga.

Hollingshead said that is important for students to be proud of their school but rankings are not all a school should focus on.

“It’s nice to be recognized in a positive way,” Hollingshead said. “Of course rankings aren’t everything. There is so much that goes into making a university a successful and positive experience. But it’s fun for students to see rankings and to be able to show those to their friends and family.”

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