BYU Fans Upset over Billboard Battle


If you have ever driven south on I -15 in Orem you may have noticed the billboard battle brewing off the University Parkway exit.

The Utes have staked their claim in the Utah County billboard market and some BYU fans like Dane Lyman aren’t too happy about it.

“I think it’s more just to like rile us up, spark some fire in us or something, make us mad,” said Lyman.

What makes the situation even more intriguing is the fact that BYU has its own billboard just a football field away from Utah’s.

“It makes me laugh, I think it’s funny,” Lyman added. “You can come into our territory but we’re still going to show you up.”

But according to Utah Marketing Director, Ann Argust, the University has bigger plans in mind.

“We have to really look at Utah and say what can we do to make sure the Utah athletics brand is really strong in our own state and then western United States is next and then we go national,” said Argust.  “As part of that piece of the puzzle it was really important for us to get a south of Salt Lake presence.”

Seeing a BYU billboard in Utah County is common, but the close proximity of these signs does raise some eyebrows. BYU Marketing Director, David Almodova says there is no marketing rivalry going on but they do hope the billboards get the fans’ blood pumping.

“For us it’s just branding,” said Almodova.  “We’re just putting our brand out there in different locations and hopefully our fans see it and are excited about it.”

So if you made plans to watch the game this weekend both of these billboards will have served their purpose.

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