Jimmer to sign new book on campus


One of the most popular BYU basketball players of all-time will be on campus Wednesday to sign a new book showcasing how he reached his ultimate goal of playing in the NBA.

Jimmer Fredette, the 2011 College Basketball Player of the Year, will be at the BYU Bookstore Wednesday from 3 to 5 p.m. to sign copies of “The Contract,” which was written by ESPN analyst Pat Forde.

BYU Bookstore Religious Books Buyer Maureen Porter, who is helping head up the event, said she and the Bookstore cannot wait for the signing.

“It’s Jimmer,” Porter said. “Everyone in the store is looking forward to this.”

[media-credit name=”undefined | The Universe” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Former teammate and current BYU basketball player Brock Zylstra is eager to actually read the book.

“Of course I’m going to read the book,” Zylstra said. “I want to see what he was like when he was younger and get the in-depth details.”

Jimmer is one of the most well-known, adored basketball players to ever play at BYU and has been busy since leaving  BYU after the season in April of 2011. He currently is playing in the NBA for the Sacramento Kings and this past summer he was married to Whitney Wonnacott, a former BYU cheerleader. He also has been extensively involved in charity programs and helping Forde with his book.

The book gives the inside scoop on what Jimmer did to reach his goal of playing in the NBA and includes many things Jimmer has never shared before.

Publishing Director for Shadow Mountain Chris Schoebinger referred to the book as more of a motivational memoir.

“This book will motivate anyone who has a goal to reach,” Schoebinger said. “Nothing was handed to him. If anything, it’s a story of the little engine who could.”

Jimmer’s mother, Kay Fredette, said her favorite part of the book is the stories of Jimmer and his siblings growing up, but hopes people take away a certain message from the stories.

“It’s possible for anyone to accomplish great things in their life,” Kay Fredette said in an email. “You don’t have to be rich or live in a big city to realize your dreams. You just have to first believe that you can do it and it can happen.”

According to Kay Fredette, that is what Jimmer did and it was his decisions that made the difference.

“I am most proud of Jimmer for making good decisions in his life,” Kay Fredette said. “He never forgets the spiritual side and that probably is the most important part of his success. I’m proud of him for not being ashamed to admit that he goes to church every week and tries to live by its standards in a world that has gotten so cynical about that.”

The book’s aim is to show who Jimmer really is. It highlights his special relationship with his brother TJ, who has been Jimmer’s biggest influence and fan. It includes his relationships with the rest of his family, discusses his Mormon faith and includes many personal experiences throughout his life.

Kyle Chilton, who worked closely with Jimmer as BYU basketball’s director of operations, personally knows Jimmer’s story.

“It’s a story of a guy who had a dream and worked toward that dream,” Chilton said. “It’s a story that could inspire other people — athletes or not.”

While Jimmer’s first year in the NBA had it’s ups and downs, all who know Jimmer agree he has a great career ahead of him and possibly a few more books too.

“We don’t think this is his last book,” Schoebinger said. “It really is only the first chapter.”

The book will be sold for $23.99, but will have a 10 percent discount for the two hours Jimmer will be on campus.  The book includes a 16 page photo insert which features Jimmer from all ages, including unseen pictures from his wedding and a Jimmer poster taken in conjunction with the book.

Jimmer will also be at book signings at Deseret Book in Orem Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and downtown Salt Lake Deseret Book Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m.  Due to time restrictions he will only be able to sign copies of “The Contract” at all locations.

Fans can now remember all of the enthusiasm and amazement that “Jimmermania” brought in book form, and  can learn from his inspiring story of how he got to where he is now.

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