Report: Utah has the Lowest Per-Pupil Spending the Nation


Officials at Spring Creek Elementary have taken a big hit from a smaller budget in recent years. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released a report that says Utah spending has fallen 8.1 percent since 2008. Teachers have noticed through implimenting fewer student programs and teacher aides. Principal Melissa Hamilton say it is wearing on the teachers.
“Teachers, you know, feel that impact when…when they are putting in more than 40 hour weeks prepping lessons and making sure that every single kid is reaching achievement standards, but then they’re not getting compensated for any of that.”
It is not looking good for teachers in the future either. Principal Hamilton also said they will probably see cuts in hiring rather than base pay.
“I see it getting worse…I don’t see it getting a whole lot better. I think you’re not going to see decreases in teacher pay. You’re going to see less teachers being hired.”
The report says Utah continues to have the lowest per-pupil spending in the nation, and students are taking ntoice. School officials say they mention spending less time with teacher aides and that they miss that interaction.

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