Elder Holland: Don’t check your religion at the door!


Speaking from Dixie State College in his hometown of St. George, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland urged young adults at a CES Broadcast on Sunday evening to always establish Zion by standing up against modern-day Babylon.

After describing stories from the scriptures where the people of God were forced to flee from Babylon, Elder Holland proclaimed that in this day, “the Church of God will never again flee.”

Elder Holland talked about comments Brigham Young made about modern-day saints.

courtesy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Elder Holland said “It became a statement for the members of the Church all over the world: in these last days, in this our last dispensation, we would become mature enough to stop running, ” Elder Holland said. “We would become mature enough to plant our feet and our families and our foundations in every nation, kindred, tongue, and people permanently. Zion would be everywhere–wherever the church is.”

He then stated: “We no longer think of Zion as where we are going to live, we think of it as how we are going to live.”

Elder Holland described three incidents where he witnessed Babylon in these latter days. One of these incidents involved an LDS sports fan who excused his degrading behavior at a basketball game because, as he told Elder Holland, “we check our religion at the door.”

After hearing this, Elder Holland rebuked the fan. This experience caused Elder holland to tell the audience that this is not acceptable behavior.

“You never check your religion at the door,” Elder Holland said, “not ever. That kind of discipleship cannot be. It is not discipleship at all.”

Elder Holland continued by describing the difficult balance between not judging at all and judging too harshly. He admitted catching himself facing this dilemma, describing some of these events earlier in his address. He then shared a quote from the scriptures where Jesus Christ gave the solution to this problem.

“Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement.”

Elder Holland went on to say that while judgement is needed, the key is to judge righteously as the Savior would.

Concerning civic matters, Elder Holland taught about how to approach sensitive issues.

“You’re going to have to sensitively explain why some principles are defended, and some sins are opposed wherever they are found, because the issues and the laws involved are not social or political, but eternal in their consequence. And while not wishing to offend those who believe differently than us, we are even more anxious not to offend God,” Elder Holland said.

Elder Holland continued, saying this applied to serious moral laws.

“If we don’t take gospel blessings to our communities and our countries, the simple fact of the matter is we will never, ever have enough policemen…to enforce moral behavior, even if it were enforceable (and it isn’t),” he said. “We must try to help when and where we can, because we are not checking our religion at the door, even as pathetic and irresponsible as some doors are.”

Elder Holland told the audience he wasn’t trying to solve all the world’s problems right there.

“We aren’t going to solve every personal or social problem in the world here tonight…no we can’t do everything, but as the old saying goes, we can do something, and in answer to God’s call: Isreal Isreal are the ones to do it.”

“Not to flee Babylon this time,” Elder Holland continued “but to attack it. We can live our religion so broadly and unfailingly, that we find all kinds of opportunities to help each other, help families, bless neighbors, protect others, including the rising generation.”

Elder Holland concluded with an Apostolic blessing.

“I bless you by the power of the Priesthood and by the commission I have received, to have you know that God loves you, and that he needs you, in this last and greatest dispensation. I bless you with apostolic authority…as you strive to be pure in heart, offering yourselves as an instrument in the hands of God for establishing Zion in these latter days everywhere you stand.”


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