BYU campus taken over by colored pants


Many students prepare their backpack, books and clothes as their final summer night comes to a conclusion. Whether dressing to impress or setting a tone, the apparel choice for the pending semester is essential.

Kieren Smith, a 19-year-old sophomore from Centerville, Ohio, ventured onto BYU campus for the first week of school, noting student’s choice of clothing. Smith witnessed a variety of colored skinny jeans and capris, the new fashion fad taking over BYU campus.

“I go to the Harris Fine Arts Center for most of my classes, so I see a good amount of colored skinny jeans,” Smith said. “They look like upside down lollipops.”

Smith who is majoring in media music, is not the only BYU student noticing the plethora of brightly colored pants. Brandon Hatch, a 24-year-old majoring in business marketing from Provo, finds the fashion fad fun for the BYU population.

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Colored jeans are found all over campus.
“It adds vibrance to what could be rather dull,” Hatch said. While he enjoys the colors, Hatch finds his style more conservative and does not plan on incorporating  mustard yellow pants into his closet.

Although Hatch has no plans on wearing colored jeans, the mustard yellow pants are gaining popularity among department stores in Utah Valley. Employees at the Provo Town Center J.C. Penny have noticed certain trends in their customer’s purchases. Marianela Arganaraz, J.C. Penny women accessories jewelry and shoes manager, has seen women buying leggings, boots and scarfs.

“People buy a lot of accessories and scarfs are a big seller nowadays,” Arganaraz said. In addition to buying accessories, Arganaraz has found asymmetrical shirts are top sellers among female consumers. Arganaraz added that the new Betsey Johnson and MNG by Mango fashion line at J.C. Penny is generating excitement for customers. Arganaraz compared the new Mango clothing line to H&M’s more expensive side.

Many BYU students are also making predictions for this year’s fall fashion. Brittany Olsen, a 21-year-old senior majoring in psychology from Walnut Creek, Calif., came to campus on the first day with an eye for the up-and-coming. Olsen noted a large amount of female students carrying satchel bags, rather than the classic backpack. Similar to others, Olsen observed the colored skinny jeans, but predicts more for the semester.

“I have seen a lot of lace shirts with cute maroon pants,” Olsen said. “I think lace tops are going to be big.”

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