BYU students keep the summer alive


Work, class and homework do not stop students from enjoying the last days of summer. Whether it is out having an adventure, relaxing outdoors or eating a summer food, students find something to bring the summer back.

Fun in the Outdoors

Caleb Lyman, a senior from Colorado, said there are always things to do in Provo Canyon. His favorite, he said, is floating the Provo River on an air mattress.

“Floating the Provo River on an air mattress is more fun than on an inner tube because the mattress makes you feel like you are on a ship,” Lyman said. “You can also ride a zip line, fish, go rock climbing or many other things in the canyon.”

High Country Adventure is a company offering access to many activities in Provo Canyon, such as tubing, train rides, a zipline, fly-fishing, horseback riding, ATV rentals, kayaking and rafting.

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Steve Myers, the owner of High Country Adventure, said it is an affordable way to get out and enjoy the canyon.

“Surprisingly, many locals have not been up the canyon, so we try to give them the Provo Canyon experience,” Myers said.

Jessica Leavitt, a senior studying advertising, said riding her bike through Provo Canyon keeps her summers endless.

“It gives me a breath of fresh air and is a great activity to do with friends,” she said, adding that riding in the evening is the best because the sunsets are breathtaking.

Provo Parks and Recreation also offers many opportunities for fun outdoors.  They try to do exactly as their slogan says, “Making Life Better,” by maintaining trails and parks, providing wholesome entertainment and activities and organizing sports and recreation for children and adults. Information on upcoming events and city sports teams can be found at

Saving Summer with Shave Ice

Corey Dong, a senior from California, brings the summer back by eating shave ice from one of the many shave ice vendors in Provo. Dong said he chooses shave ice because it  is cool and refreshing.

“There is more variety with shave ice,” Dong said. “There are tons of flavors and the atmosphere is great, I try to make it in once a week if not more.”

Hokulia Shave Ice Co. is one of the many shave ice vendors in Provo. As stated by employee Kristi Burches, Hokulia is unique because of the quality, flavors, low price for size and use of BYU Creamery ice cream.

“People come here because of the atmosphere, there are chairs and tables and music and it is in a good location,” Burches said.

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