BYUSA’ s First Big Thang


To kick start and celebrate a new semester at BYU, BYUSA has announced the “First Big Thang.”

On Friday, Aug. 31, at 8 p.m., all BYU students are invited to Helaman Fields for a free night of dancing, entertainment and ice cream! The popular company “Play Fair” has provided entertainment for thousands of BYU students and is described by BYUSA as “icebreaker games for the masses.” The games will be followed by dancing and lots of scrumptious ice cream.

The “First Big Thang” is not only for mingling freshmen, but a social opportunity for all class men. Josie Newbold, a senior geology student from Salt Lake City, said she will attend because, “it sounds fun and you can get to know people.” The first BYUSA social event creates a special opportunity for all students to gather together for a night of fun, regardless of major, class or social status.

Abraham Kim, a member of the BYUSA activity board, said, “basically [the First Big Thang] is free fun and free ice cream and a great way to get to know people.”


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