Two women discover beauty is more than just skin-deep


Being diagnosed with a autoimmune disease can change one’s life, and often for the worse. However, through the development of a new website, two women let a diagnosis turn their life around for the better.

As a make-up artist for 30 years, Laurie Vukich said she had heard about the dangers of make-up products and chemicals, but it was not something she wanted to believe. However, this realization became real when her daughter Tiffany Correa, also a make-up artist, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Upon the diagnosis, both women took action.

“For us as makeup artists we said, let’s just start off with what we care about most and look and research into what could be harmful to the body,” Correa said. “There were lots of stories online about people who had cured themselves by eating healthy and not putting chemicals on their body, so we got empowered and went from there.”

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Laurie Vukich with daughter Tiffany Correa
Correa and Vukich said they wanted to share what they were learning, and from it developed “Nature’s Knockout,” a website designed to help people transition into a chemical-free, healthy lifestyle. Here one can find healthy recipes, hair ideas, chemical-free beauty lines and a chemical search revealing harmful ingredients contained in everyday products.

“We just feel like (Tiffany’s) body was on toxic overload,” Vukich said. “We’ve seen a lot of people that have interacted with us through our website and have made changes to replace toxins with healthy options. It makes a huge difference, we’ve seen a lot of improvement in people.”

Correa said that since her efforts to avoid toxic products and eat clean she has even noticed a difference in her arthritis symptoms as well as her appearance.

“My arthritis symptoms don’t completely go away,” Correa said, “but its night and day difference. I lost a lot of weight on it actually, and I wasn’t even trying to. That’s where we realized that beauty is more than just face or skin deep, it goes much deeper.”

Shannon Golladay, who does PR for Nature’s Knockout, also had a life-changing moment when she realized she needed to be healthier.

“I was always athletic,” Golladay said. “I was a dancer and ran marathons, and then I got pregnant and gained 60 pounds. So with that I didn’t know how to lose weight because I never had to.”

Because of the healthy life-style she learned from Nature’s Knockout, Golladay was able to lose weight by focusing more on lean meats and organic produce.

“I think in general we eat way too much processed foods,” Golladay said. “The cleaner your diet can be, the healthier you’ll be.”

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Tiffany Correa and Laurie Vukich
However, both Vukich and Correa said although healthy eating and natural products are important, beauty is also attributable to positive thinking, and this is one of their main messages.

“We really feel like it’s empowering to make positive replacements with the products we use, the food we eat and the thoughts we think,” Vurich said. “I used to have a lot of aches and pains and I just thought it was my age, but all of that is gone. I just have so much more energy and I sleep better. We really have come to believe that the way we are eating is a beauty-food diet. It really does make you more beautiful in many ways.”

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