Letter: Freedom of speech irony


In response to “Chick-fil-rights?” (8/7): the owner of Chick-fil-A donated several million dollars to organizations defending “traditional marriage.” Many supporters of gay marriage were incensed by the actions of Chick-fil-A and expressed their concern by calling for boycotts of the company. Many conservatives, on the other hand,  decided to have a “Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day.” Now there have been accusations of bigotry against conservatives who support “traditional marriage.”

Freedom of speech is clearly a two-way street. Conservatives cannot logically expect supporters of gay marriage to not be concerned by Dan Cathy’s actions. Those who claim they are “bullied” for their political beliefs need to realize that not only conservatives are bullied. I am a liberal Mormon. While I have been at BYU, I have been attacked for my liberal beliefs and, by simply having liberal leanings, failing to be a “good Mormon” many times. I agree both conservatives and liberals have the right to free speech. I will support Cathy’s right to free speech. Liberals, however, are equally entitled to free speech — even if they are liberals at BYU.


Salt Lake City

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