Police Beat: Best of 2009


Suspicious Activity

Feb. 1 Police received multiple complaints about a student dressed in an ape costume who was harassing students in the library atrium. The suspect received a warning and was told to leave.

Apr. 5 An abandoned golf cart belonging to BYU was suspected to have been used for joyriding.

June 5 An adult male dressed in black was reported running through the quad and hiding behind dumpsters at Wymount Terrace. The man ran through the quad, dropped to his belly and army-crawled, then got back to his feet and continued running. He ran past a woman and said, “Good morning,” before jumping in a car and speeding off.

Welfare Check

Jan. 26 Police responded to a call from witnesses about an ill student in his vehicle. The student was just taking a nap.

May 2 Parents called police after not hearing from their son for four days. Police found him in his apartment and asked that he call his parents promptly to let them know he was OK.

Misdirected Call

Feb. 9 A professor received a call from an unknown male at his office. The young male was upset at his girlfriend about an illicit affair and started swearing. It appeared he had the wrong number.


Feb. 6 Police received a call from a professor in the JFSB who reported hearing a noise sounding like a horn every 15 minutes. Other professors said the noise sounded like a bird, superman and a race car. The sound turned out to be an air conditioning issue.


Feb. 3 A student reported his vehicle missing but later discovered it parked in a different parking lot.

Oct. 6 A bike was stolen from a woman at her home in Provo a few months ago. She found it at the Tanner Building and stole it back. She left a note for the thief to give her a call, but she did not receive one.

Missing Person

March 7 A wife reported her husband missing from Wymount Terrace, but he returned home before police arrived.

Animal Problems

June 4 A moose was loose on campus. Police called the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Officials came and tranquilized the moose, however, before going down the moose damaged two vehicles in the parking lot across from the SAS Building.

July 4 An owl was found in the Former President’s Home. An officer communicated with the owl and it left.

Family Problems

May 31 A 13-year-old male living in Wymount Terrace called police from his cell phone to report his mother being abusive. The male was in the bathroom for a 30 minute time-out session and told police he felt the punishment was too harsh.


Sept. 17 A hot air balloon was reported floating over campus. The officers responded and confirmed there was a hot air balloon, but, as BYU does not own the airspace, no action was taken.

Criminal Mischief

Nov. 6 A car was moved out of its original stall at Helaman Halls and was parked perpendicular to the parking spot. Police arrived and concluded a large group of people picked up the car and moved it.

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