Police beat: Registered sex offender banned from campus


Lost Property

July 23- A woman reported her wedding ring lost after removing it to put on lotion at her husband’s softball game in the southwest corner of the intramural fields. She was instructed to check  the classified ads, and the police entered details about the lost ring into their system, but the ring has not turned up yet.


July 24- A male student reported three large fraudulent charges on his Wells Fargo debit card. The police are working with Wells Fargo to  resolve the issue.

Suspicious Activity

July 24- Students living in Felt Hall in Heritage Halls reported a suspicious person sitting in the basement. When police questioned the individual, he provided identification and they found out that he was registered for a dance competition and was staying in Felt Hall.

July 26- A man was reported in the men’s locker room in the Smith Fieldhouse watching students showering. The suspect was gone by the time police arrived at the scene. Locker room employees were advised to call the police if the man is seen again in the locker room.

July 26- A man made a $500 donation to BYU via credit card. After the transaction went through, the man told the operator that he wanted to “breathe heavy” and the operator hung up. Police say the man has called multiple times always requesting to speak with a female.

July 26- Helaman Hall’s residents reported a suspicious adult male looking through the garbage cans in between Jay and Merrill Halls. The man had a brown sedan with a child in the back seat. Police were unable to locate the man when they arrived on the scene.

July 27- Police responded after the license plate of a car was called in for driving on a campus sidewalk. They called the owner of the vehicle and told them not to do it again.

July 27- A male student was found hiding in the dorm room of two female students living in Helaman Halls. When confronted by the RA, he made an implied threat that if it was reported to anyone, something would happen.


July 26- Four bicycles from the bike sharing program were reported missing from the racks at Wymount Terrace. Police didn’t find any of the bicycles in their impound, but they have included the details and serial numbers of the bicycles in their system.

July 26- An EFY student reported a bag missing that had cash in it.

July 29- A specialized CM10 bicycle was reported stolen from the Jesse Knight Building bicycle rack valued at $400. The bicycle was not locked up. Police didn’t have enough details to further the investigation, and the bicycle owner was advised to check the classified ads.

Agency Assist

July 27- BYU Police assisted the Provo Police Department in a missing child case. A six-year-old female was reported last seen with transient relatives who are known to frequent the Provo River Trail. When two officers arrived at the scene, they found the child with her relatives asleep in a tent under the I-15 tunnel. They handed the case over to the Provo Police.

Criminal Mischief

July 28- Four individuals were spotted skateboarding at the intersection of North Campus Drive and West Campus Drive. They were stopped by police officers who explained that skateboarding is not allowed on campus. Identification was taken from all four individuals and checked for criminal history by dispatch. Three were issued warnings and one was issued a citation because he had been previously warned.

July 30- A woman was formally banned from campus for disruptive activity. Police gave her a formal letter in a sealed envelope banning her from campus. The woman tried to give the letter back to the officer and told him that it was illegal and she wanted to speak to the president. As she exited the building, she tore up the envelope and put it in the garbage.

July 30- Police detained a homeless 33-year-old adult male who has been living in the Wilkinson Student Center. He claimed that he is taking classes at BYU in the fall, but police discovered that he had an arrest warrant out in West Valley and is a registered sex offender. The individual was banned from campus.

July 30- An EFY counselor reported some pills that EFY attendees found in their dorm room. The pills are believed to have been left by previous attendees, but after being tested they were discovered to be some sort of vitamin.

July 30- Helaman Halls residents reported people throwing water balloons at residents out of a dark sedan. BYU has a statute against throwing missiles, and the perpetrators would have been issued citations. However, the suspects were gone when police arrived.

July 30- A suspected break-in setup was discovered  where the fence around the bicycle impound was compromised. The police are trying to work out what to do about the situation.


July 26- Thermal imaging cameras caught four individuals in the LaVell Edwards Stadium. When police arrived at the scene they questioned the individuals who admitted to using a garbage can to jump over the fence. The police have a zero tolerance for trespassing in the stadium, so all four suspects were arrested and cited for criminal trespassing and released.

July 31- Police confronted a transient in Wymount Terrace’s laundry room bathroom. The transient denied bathing, but has an extensive record, so Police told him he can’t use the facilities for personal grooming.

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