BYU/SA’s chain of command


BYU Student Service Association is not a traditional student government organization; it is an organization focused on redefining service.

When Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was president of BYU, students worked with him to restructure the organization to better fit the goals of a BYU education. There are still elements of the traditional student government with the structure, but BYU/SA is more focused on service.

The structure of BYU/SA is unique: there is a president and an executive vice president whose roles are to oversee each of the areas of BYU/SA and stewardship with each of the vice presidents to make sure their goals are being met.

BYU/SA has six areas, each with an area vice president. Each area also has three to four executive directors who report to the area vice president. Each executive director’s duties coincide with the goals and duties of each area of BYU/SA.

The purposes and activities of each of BYU/SA’s six areas are as follows:

Student Advisory Council: This is the most connected to traditional student government. Its purpose is to be like a student senate, giving a voice to the students at BYU.

Clubs: This area hosts over 80 clubs of many varieties at BYU. They host clubs every Tuesday evening all over the Wilkinson Student Center, and help students who want to start their own clubs.

Student Honor: Responsible for promoting the Honor Code to help students understand the importance and purpose behind the Honor Code, this area promotes activities such as the Commit to Virtue 5K, Honor Week, Cougar Talks and the Honor Essay Contest.

Activities: This area focuses on the planning major events for BYU students. These events include Homecoming activities, Fall Fest, Y-days, Concert series, student choice events and all dances. They invite volunteers to plan each event and give them opportunities to learn planning skills and work with a committee of their peers.

Administration:  Looking out for each of the other areas, the administration council helps BYU/SA to be successful by placing and training volunteers and volunteer appreciation. They are similar to a Human Resources Department.

Communications: This area is in charge of creating a positive face for BYU/SA. They manage the BYU/SA brand, advertising of events and promotion of school spirit and pride.

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