Police Beat: Female student loses $700 in tennis instruction payments



July 19- A female student reported $700 taken out of her wallet from the indoor tennis courts. The large amount of money was from tennis instructions and she didn’t have a chance to deposit the money in her account yet.

July 19- A bike was reported stolen three months ago from the new Heritage Halls Buildings. The student claimed he did not have time to report it when it occurred and was just getting around to it now.

July 19- A male student reported his bicycle stolen from Wymount Terrace. The bike was not locked up and the police are still investigating.

July 21- An older man stole $10 in change from a 10-year-old girl after she cashed a bill for change to play games in the Wilkinson Student Center Game Lounge. Student employees recognized the man who comes in often to use the bus stop. Officers contacted the man after he came back on a later day and he denied the entire incident. Police were unable to contact the victim because they left no contact information.

July 23- A female student reported a lost wedding ring valued at $3,000. The ring was lost at the intramural fields and has yet to be recovered.

July 23- A male student reported a missing bicycle. Upon further inquiry, the bike was impounded by police.

July 23- A sports camp participant reported a wallet with money and an iPhone taken from a backpack at the Richards Building swimming pool. Police are still investigating the crime.


July 19- A female student reported a man with a gun in a holster in the Joseph Smith Building. Police arrived and questioned the man. They found that the individual was not carrying a gun and the holster was empty.

Suspicious Activity

July 18- An unknown male ran towards the Wilkinson Student Center yelling about the Mormons and threatened to punch a girl in the face. Police arrived, calmed the man down and asked him to leave.

July 24- An older man was seen in the basement of Felt Hall in Heritage Housing claiming he was a part of a dance group on campus and he wasn’t doing anything in particular. The police arrived and asked him to leave.

July 24- An EFY participant overheard someone talking about stealing iPads from BYU. The campus police were notified and the person was confronted. After further investigating the situation, they realized that the participant had overheard incorrectly.


July 24- A student reported $690 fraudulently charged to their bank account. They are currently working with their bank to resolve the issue.


July 18- A female student was using a buffing machine in the Smith Field House. The machine turned sideways and landed on her ankle. A friend then took the female student to the hospital.

July 18- A male student was involved in an auto-bike accident on the intersection of 450 E. and North Campus Drive. The student was distracted from listening to his headphones and seriously injured his shoulder from the impact. Provo paramedics arrived and transported him to the hospital.

July 18- A female student hit her head on the AstroTurf during a self-defense class and experienced a minor concussion. The student experienced reoccurring pain from the injury and was taken to the hospital by a friend.

July 19- A male student became light headed while working in the anatomy lab. The student did not lose consciousness but he was attended by BYU’s EMS.

July 19- A male student sprained his ankle on the east lawn of the Maeser Building while playing soccer. The individual was a participant of the SOAR Program and was transported to the hospital by a youth counselor.

July 20- A male student popped his knee out of place while participating in intramural flag football. Paramedics arrived at the scene and his friend transported him to the hospital.

July 20- A female member of the cheer squad injured her right elbow during a cheer practice. Paramedics arrived at the gymnastics room of the Smith Field House and the paramedics took her to the hospital.

July 23- A 61-year-old female fell while working in the Cannon Center and injured her right knee. Paramedics arrived at the scene and she was transported to the hospital.

Disruptive Activity

July 17- An unknown individual reported disruptive noise from construction on the new Life Sciences Building located south of campus. The police reassured the individual that there was nothing they can do because the construction company was in acceptable standards of noise and gave proper notice of the noise.


July 22- A witness reported four males playing soccer on the practice fields and reported the incident to campus police. When the police arrived, the individuals were reminded of the policy of not playing on the fields on Sunday and were asked to leave.

July 22- Two students were cited for trespassing on the NCAA track at 2 a.m. while participating in promiscuous activities.


July 21- A male student was cited for leaving the scene of the accident after a hit and run in the Helaman Halls parking lot.

Recovered Property

July 24– A stolen bicycle registered to the national stolen registry was reported found. The owner was contacted, but then they discovered that the bike was not his.

Animal Problem

July 23- Witness reported a Yorkie dog left in a car in the middle of the day with the windows slightly down. As officers were attempting to unlock the car, the owner showed up and thought that the dog would be OK until she got back.

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