Police Beat: 17-year-old girl cited for trespassing at Stadium of Fire



July 6- A bike was reported stolen from the Campus Police bicycle impound. When the owner of the bike was contacted to pick up his bike, it was nowhere to be found. Police are looking to relocate their bike impound as this is becoming a common occurrence.

July 9- A bicycle was reported stolen from Wyview Terrace sometime in the middle of the night. Officers are waiting to hear further report on the issue.

July 9- A bicycle was reported stolen from the Joseph F. Smith Building bike rack. Police officers are still working to retrieve the stolen property.

Suspicious Activity

July 6- Two male individuals were reported photographing students in Brigham Square without their knowledge. An officer located the males and found out that they are doing an expose on how people react when they walk up to them and try to hold their hands. The officer then informed them that they are imposing on personal space and their activity was bordering on assault.

July 7- A laser pointer was reported to be flashing in a window on the second floor of Whitney Hall at Heritage Halls. When officers arrived, no laser was found.

July 9- The construction cranes located south of campus were reported to be moving in the night. The bystander who reported the activity was worried they were going to tip over. Police arrived and reassured the bystander that they are designed to move in the wind.

July 9- Someone reported a man breaking glass at the Creamery on Ninth. When police arrived, the man had fled the scene and the window was shattered with what appeared to be a lemonade bottle.


July 9- A male was charged with falsification of a governmental record after a police officer noticed his handicapped placard expired. The male obtained the placard from a deceased relative and insisted that he needed it due to a motorcycle accident. The placard originally expired in 2007 and the placard was seized immediately.

Missing Person

July 7- A person was reported missing from the Cannon Center who had been attending one of BYU’s sports camps. The missing camp attendee finally answered his cell phone and said he was visiting some friends in another hall and lost track of time. His parents were contacted and he was safe.

July 3- A 70-year-old man was reported missing by his wife after failing to meet her in the BYU Bookstore. Police told the elderly lady to stay where she was while they looked for her husband. After some investigation, officers found a note left on her car of her husband’s whereabouts. He had lost track of time in the Harold B. Lee Library and the couple was reunited.


July 5- An elderly female was injured while bowling in the basement of the Wilkinson Student Center.

Disruptive Activity

July 4- A female reported that two older males were assaulting a younger male at the Stadium of Fire. All three individuals were gone when police officers arrived.


July 4- During the Stadium of Fire at LaVell Edward’s Stadium, a 17-year-old young lady crossed into a restricted area where the talent was housed. The young lady was trying to see Scotty McCreary back stage and police officers stopped her before she got too far. Since she was a minor she was not arrested for trespassing, but her case will be sent to juvenile court.


July 5- A male individual was riding his bicycle when he was hit in the shoulder by a bird. He immediately locked his breaks and crashed his bike. Paramedics arrived at the scene and the man was relatively uninjured. The bird was nowhere to be found.


July 4- Fireworks were set off at Wymount Terrace. Officers were unable to appear at the scene due to traffic from the Stadium of Fire.

July 4- A group of people were reported to have set off fireworks at the Victory Bell outside the Marriott Center during the Stadium of Fire. They had finished and left by the time the officers could arrive.

July 4- A group of students were setting off fireworks by the Grant Building on 800 North. Officers warned them and they stopped immediately.

Welfare Check

July 4- An individual was stuck in an elevator at LaVell Edward’s stadium during the Stadium of Fire. Event security was able to contact electricians to get the individual out safely.

Sexual Offense

July 4- An EFY counselor reported two individuals mooning each other at Heritage Halls. Both individuals were gone when the police arrived at the scene.

Found Person

July 4- An 8-year-old girl was separated from her mother at the Stadium of Fire. Officers were able to relocate the girl’s mother and reunite them.

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