UVU hosts seminar for aspiring business professionals


Utah Valley is full of people who have innovative and fresh ideas and tonight they will be able to share those ideas with professionals.

The Wayne Brown Institute is hosting a “How to Raise Money” seminar at UVU for aspiring business people. The Wayne Brown Institute is a nonprofit organization that was started about 30 years ago. The founder of the organization was Dr. Wayne Brown who was a Dean of the College of Engineering at University of Utah, as well as founder of many other programs and companies, the organization’s website says. Andrew Bair, Wayne Brown Institutes Associate of Public Relations, said that Brown started the Wayne Brown Institute because at the time there was not much venture capital in Utah.

The Wayne Brown Institute is a nonprofit because they do not actually provide venture capital. “We help prospective companies polish and refine their business plans to look more attractive to the actual investors,” Bair  said. “We are kind of like a buffer between new businesses and investors.”

There will be four keynote speakers at the seminar, all of whom have ample experience with either companies, venture capital or both. After the speakers share their expertise the floor will be open for Q&A. The seminar starts at 3:30 p.m. at the Business Resource Center at UVU. Admission is free. Those who may not be able to make it to this seminar will have other opportunities since it is held monthly at various locations in Utah. For further information visit their website.



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