Police Beat: Man arrested had two warrants



June 28 – An elderly woman suffered an allergic reaction, while at the BYU Bookstore, from the pineapple she had eaten earlier that day. Her sister took her to the hospital.

July 2 – A person got injured while at the intramural fields because of getting sunscreen in their eyes. When an officer arrived on the scene, he did not see anything because the incident had been treated and the person was gone.


June 30 – In the evening, a female student security officer had parked her personal vehicle on the parking lot at LaVell Edwards Stadium to watch over the production equipment for the Stadium of Fire. While her vehicle was parked, an unidentified vehicle hit the front end of the officer’s vehicle and left the scene without giving any notice of the accident. The police do not have any information regarding the driver or the vehicle.

July 1 – While driving his vehicle around midnight, a driver lost power steering and ran into a light pole. The driver received minor injuries when the vehicle’s airbag deployed. His injuries were treated shortly after.


June 29 – At 10:30 p.m., the police responded to a phone call from a neighbor. There were  12 people lighting small fireworks in the parking lot of the Auxiliary Services Laundry Building. The police told them that lighting fireworks is not allowed on campus. The  people apologized for the incident, stopped the activity and left the area.

Suspicious Activity

June 28 – A person called reporting a man wearing a white long-sleeve shirt and riding a purple bicycle. The police arrived on the scene and did not find anyone. There are no suspects.

July 1 – A police officer found a couple in their 50s, both transients, and a little child sleeping behind the service building B-67 by Far-West Bank in the evening. The woman said that she was just spending the night with her son. When the officer checked on their information, she found that the man had two warrants. The officer arrested the man and sent him to jail.

Criminal Mischief

June 30 – An 18-year-old man threw a water balloon and hit a police officer’s car in Helaman Halls parking lot. The officer got out of the car and sighted the suspect. The man was charged with throwing missiles, and the police gave him a minor citation and released him afterward.

June 30 – Some people reported a person driving a golf cart on the fields at Helaman Halls. The driver had damaged the grass. When the police arrived, they did not find anyone at the scene. There are no current suspects.

July 1 – A police officer reported finding graffiti on the walls of the west part of LaVell Edwards Stadium. The graffiti had no special messages, just random drawings. The police have no suspects so far.


June 27 – A person reported his bicycle stolen from the bike racks located at the J. Reuben Clark Law School. The bicycle is valued at $250. Currently, the police have no suspects.

June 28 – A woman reported her bicycle was stolen from the bike rack located at the Hinckley Center. Her bicycle is valued at $1950. The police don’t have any suspects.

June 29 – The police received a phone call that reported a suspicious-looking girl removing  a pink woman’s bicycle from the bike racks located at the Tanner Building and heading east. The caller described the girl having brown hair, and was wearing brown shirt and blue jeans. The police arrived to the scene and did not find anyone. The police have not received any reports of a stolen bicycle with that description.

June 30 – A 23-year-old woman reported her bicycle was stolen  from the bike racks by the Harris Fine Arts Center. The bicycle is valued at $500. The police have no suspects so far.

Disorderly conduct

June 27 – The police received a phone call reporting six people playing golf around 10:30 p.m. on the west side of the Clyde building. When the police arrived, the people had left the scene.

June 28 –  One of the attendees at Sports Camp was pranked by two other teenagers. While he was taking a shower at Helaman Halls, someone took his clothes from the shower and threw them outside the dorm. He was forced to run out, get his clothes and wrap the towel around him. When he got outside, two people took his towel and he was nude. He grabbed his clothes and ran back inside to get dressed.

June 29 – The police received a phone call from a person that reported that two juveniles were throwing water balloons at passing vehicles at 1999 N. University Ave. When the police arrived on the scene, they were gone. The are no suspects.

Recovering Property

June 29 – Some people spotted some car keys while they were walking at the Smith Field House parking lot. They reported them to the police and the police returned the keys to the owner.

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