Police Beat: $500 worth of props reported stolen from HFAC



June 21 – A 6-foot man in his 40s with a mustache was reported standing by the Ride Board in the Wilkinson Student Center asking EFY girls for their phone numbers. When police arrived, the man had left.

June 21 – A male in his 30s was reported standing on a corner by bushes and a stairwell in Lot 24 for an extended period of time. Police investigated, but the man had left.

June 21 – A female was found sleeping in a car in the parking lot. When an officer checked, he found that she was tired, so she laid down and was fine.

June 22 – A male student was reported carrying something wrapped in a lab coat into the Spencer W. Kimball Tower. When police investigated, they found he was carrying a mouse for an experiment in a concealed cage.

June 22 – A female voice was heard screaming from a location east of a Wyview Park building. Police checked the area and asked several residents, but could not find anyone.

June 23 – Witnesses reported people using the North Intramural Fields. Police determined that they were members of the BYU lacrosse team who had scheduled the fields for a scrimmage. The police found no problem and left.

June 25 – A student reported that he smelled an alcoholic beverage from a vehicle with a male occupant. Police searched for a vehicle matching the description, but couldn’t find it.

June 25 – A 40-year-old, approximately 5-foot Hispanic man was reported to be flirting and asking girls around campus for their phone numbers. The person who reported him stated he said he was working on a master’s degree in Provo.

June 26 – A witness reported a couch being taken from the Harris Fine Arts Center to a vehicle. When the police investigated, they found that the BYU Upholstery Shop was simply taking the couch in to repair it.

June 27 – An officer found a fence had been cut at the Ellsworth Building Complex. A male’s voice was reported nearby, but when police investigated, they found no one.

Citizen Contact

June 22 – Police transported a female to the BYU Health Center.

June 25 – Police investigated a report of aggressive proselyting outside the MTC. They found him to be protesting the LDS Church. Police determined he was not violating any law since he was on public property.

Animal Problem

June 26 – Witnesses reported a deer with a compound fracture to its left rear leg at Wymount Terrace. When officers arrived, they couldn’t find the deer.

June 26 – A dead turtle was reported in the Botany Pond.

Property Damage

June 21 – A student sitting in a parked vehicle in the May Hall parking lot witnessed a juvenile in a gray GMC Envoy back up into another car before leaving the parking lot. Officers investigated the damage and left a note on the vehicle. Police have yet to hear back from the owner of the vehicle.

Public Peace

June 22 – Police received a complaint of lots of noise coming from a construction site on 500 N. An officer spoke with the foreman who apologized and said it wouldn’t happen again.


June 22 – A female reported receiving unwanted attention from a male through text messages and social media. The female stated he wants to date her, while she has no interest in him, and has informed him of this.


June 22 – An individual wanted to report to the police that he had a protective order against an individual in the area.

Found Person

June 22 – A small child was found wandering around a soccer field. The child was reunited with his father.

Criminal Mischief

June 23 – A student reported that two males in a white ’94 Ford Explorer threw an egg at his car, a BYU-owned white 2012 Toyota Prius, and drove away. The student identified the car, got its license plate number and reported the incident. Police found and arrested the two males, cited them for criminal mischief and released them.

Recovered Property

June 25 – A $10,000 construction trailer was recovered. It was reported missing on June 4 from a construction site at the Marriott Center and had probably been stolen sometime between May 31 and June 4.


June 25 – A female reported feeling unusually sick and nauseated. When police arrived, the female had determined that she was pregnant.


June 26 – A male accidentally locked his keys in his apartment. Police helped him enter his apartment.

Welfare Check

June 26 – Two young males were stuck in an elevator. Electricians helped them out.

Lost Property

June 27 – A Hello Kitty wallet valued at $27 was reported missing in the Talmage Building.


June 27 – $500 worth of props were reported stolen from the fifth floor of the Harris Fine Arts Center, including two western-style prop firearms, two brown leather holsters and one blue Union Civil War cap.


June 27 – Someone observed a male and a female yelling at each other in a vehicle. When officers investigated, he found they were simply discussing their relationship in a very vocal manner. No crime was committed, so the officers left.

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