Fire reported in Alpine, subdivisions evacuating

  1. Around 2 p.m. today, a wildfire was reported in Lambert Park in Alpine. At 2:30 p.m. the Governor ordered the National Guard to assist in fighting the fire. 

  2. meg1620
    RT @bradheitmann: Tragic 4th: Massive #fire rips across #Alpine UT, at least one large home in flames @ Mountain Top
  3. Box Elder subdivision is supposed to evacuate. Those evacuated should go the LDS church located at Herritage Hills & Main Street in Alpine, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.
  4. mygeeklink
    RT @kslcom: Box Elder subdivision ordered to evacuate in #QuailFire, #Alpine Cove should prepare to leave, also SunCrest in #Draper
  5. Lambert Park is located on the eastern edge of Alpine and is known for hiking and biking trails.
  6. LukeAlley
    View of #alpine #quail fire from Thanksgiving point. Looking like a volcano erupting.
  7. The fire can be seen from various parts of Utah and Salt Lake Counties.
  8. trent_gulley
    @trent_gulley: @KSL5TV #QuailFire #Alpine @kslcom a view from springville. Holy smokes
  9. cboyack
    RT @DustinDavis: Looks like it is now hitting homes 🙁 #Alpine #Fire #utfire #QuailFire
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