Mornings at the museum teaches kids about other cultures


Instead of wasting a summer vacation playing video games and running through the sprinklers, The Museum of Peoples and Cultures helps kids expand their minds and have fun at the same time.

Every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer, the Museum of Peoples and Cultures hosts activities for kids based on its current exhibits. This summer they have the chance to learn about Mayan weaving techniques, mask making in Mexico and different games children play around the world. After each lesson, the kids are invited to do an activity associated with that specific culture.

“They get to get out of their house, go to the museum, see real artifacts, talk to other kids their age and make an activity to show,” said Debbie Smith, program coordinator at the museum.

[media-credit name=”Diane Padilla” align=”alignright” width=”300″]Children learn hands-on activities from different cultures at the Museum of Peoples and Cultures.[/media-credit]
Children learn hands-on activities from different cultures at the Museum of Peoples and Cultures.
The Mornings at the Museum program helps kids not only have an enjoyable time, but also learn things during the summer break. Many parents are concerned that their kids will become lazy or forget a lot of what they learn during the school year and these activities help maintain an attitude of learning.

“It’s great for summer because otherwise they might just be sitting at home kind of being couch potatoes,” said Heather Nuffer, a mother from Lindon who participated in the activities.

While this is a good opportunity for children to learn and have fun, the benefits also extend to students who volunteer and work at the events.

“It gives me the opportunity to teach kids what I’m learning at the same time so it helps set things in my mind that I’m learning and it’s also really fun to get involved with kids and teach them,” Smith said.

Every activity is run by the student volunteers and employees at the museum and designed to give them experience they need to further their careers. Liz Donakey, a student volunteer from Orem studying Humanities, thoroughly enjoys her time working at the museum and is grateful for the experience it is giving her for her future career in other museums.

The Museum of Peoples and Cultures also offers activities for teenagers, family and student Home Evening groups and adults for date nights. Also, they have activities for children during the fall and winter so that the fun and learning can continue for everyone year-round.

Mornings at the Museum are every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m through August 2. In order to participate, you must be between the ages five and 11. Reservations are required because of the limited space.

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