Police Beat: LaVell Edwards Stadium speaker missing



June 12-There was a report of inappropriately dressed students on the intramural field west of Wyview Park. When an officer arrived, he did not see anything out of order.

June 12- A male and female were reported looking at unlocked bikes near the Talmage Building. One bike was removed from the bike rack and examined by the two and afterward the bike was returned. When police arrived, he questioned the man and woman. The two were looking at bikes labeled with yellow tags, meaning the bikes were abandoned. Police informed the man and woman they could not take property, although abandoned, from BYU’s private property. There had been no previous concerns with either the man or woman.

June 14-A police officer found a cut fence near the Ellsworth Building. After further investigation, police found a hidden store of copper wire. Police assume the wire was stacked to appear staged. Interception of the wire has not led to suspects.

June 15-A former student, using a BYU computer lab, was reported for visiting unauthorized websites. An officer met with the student and explained the proper use of computers.

June 16-A BYU employee could not log into a new computer. The employee summoned the administrator and they were able to login. The employee then said there should be an ethernet cable supplied, but he could not find it.

June 17-Occupants of an unidentified white sedan dumped buckets of water on pedestrians while driving through Helaman Halls near midnight. Suspects fled before police arrived.

June 17- Screaming was reported from Wyview Park at midnight. When an officer arrived on the scene, she found several people playing Frisbee at the intramural field west of Wyview Park apartment complex. The officer told them to cease and desist. No further complaints were issued.


June 12-A girl’s bike was reported missing from the Foreign Language Residence. The bike is valued at $470. No bike has been returned.

June 12-A Trek bike valued at $400 was reported missing from Wyview Park.

June 16-A bike was reported missing from Wyview Park. The bike has been missing for 2-4 weeks. The bike was valued at $200.

June 18-A male UTA bus rider reported leaving his wallet on the bus when he left the bus at the BYU transit station. The bus driver was contacted and the wallet was returned; however, $700 dollars were missing from the wallet. No money has been returned.

June 18-A Dewalt boombox radio and a welder were reported missing from a construction trailer in lot 25. The boombox is valued at $200 and the welder $600. The incident occurred between 3 p.m. June 16 and 6 a.m. June 18.

June 19-A speaker valued at $1,500 was removed from a scoreboard inside LaVell Edwards Stadium. The speaker was removed sometime between June 13-19. There are currently no suspects.

Traffic Offense

June 17-A student rode a mo-ped on a sidewalk. Due to multiple warnings, the student was issued a citation.

Criminal Mischief

June 16-A skateboarder threw his skateboard at a truck after being honked at by the driver. The skater was in the middle of the road when the car approached from behind. After the boarder threw the skateboard, the driver pulled over and found that the skater had fled and two dents in the side of the truck. Police were summoned and a description given, but the skateboarder was not located.


June 17-A female attending New Student Orientation twisted her right ankle. She refused medical attention. No further action was taken.


June 17-A dog and cat were locked in a car. Police were happy to find it was not a child.

June 17-A deer with a broken leg was found on campus. Police were summoned and the deer was taken.


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