Planning your path to graduation with MyMAP


Planning is central to a successful college experience. BYU students need to plan their GE requirements, major courses and graduation; MyMAP is the comprehensive online tool.

MyMAP combines the useful features of the progress report with course descriptions, scheduling information, sequencing recommendations for majors and registration – all of the tools necessary to create a comprehensive academic plan leading to graduation.

All BYU students use MyMAP for multiple tools. There are five categories in the system:

1. Welcome & Instructions: For the students who use MyMAP for the first time, the system can be a bit overwhelming. This tab has short video tutorials to show students how to use different functions of MyMAP. It also provides links to essential academic topics such as scholarships, freshman mentoring and college advisement centers.

2. Student Summary: In this tab, students can find and update personal information including major, credit hours earned, GPA and any holds they may have on their records. By clicking on their major, students can access a Major Academic Plan (MAP), an academic planning map. Students should keep their email address current on this page; it is one of the university’s main forms of communication.

3. Plan MyMAP: Using the plan tab is the first step in creating a personalized academic plan. From this tab, students can select classes to fulfill their GE (General Education) classes and major requirements. A drop-down box at the left top corner allows students to choose a program to plan such as major, minor, GE requirements and elective courses.

4. Organize MyMAP: This tab provides a quick glance as to which terms a class is normally offered, prerequisites, if any, and credit hours. Once students have completed planning their academic requirements using the Plan MyMap tab with their major MAP, they can use this tab to organize their classes into the semesters or terms in which they wish to take them. Then, students are prepared for class registration.

5. Register: It is important to note that just because students have planned what classes to take which semesters or terms using the ‘plan’ and ‘organize’ tab, it does not mean they are enrolled. Students are not registered for classes until they register on the ‘register’ tab. They can also check their registration priority date here.

Ross Andrus, a BYU senior majoring in actuarial science, said MyMAP has helped him plan out all the classes he needed to graduate and when would be the best time to take them.

“I liked MyMAP because it was simple to use and I could see exactly what GE classes I had left and what all my options were,” he said. “After I planned the next couple of semesters, I would just log in and MyMap reminded me what I needed to take that semester. Really simple and straightforward.”

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