Thanksgiving Point offers unique theater experience for people of all ages


Thanksgiving Point is currently offering new educational and entertaining films in their Mammoth Theater through a recent agreement with National Geographic. However, these are not ordinary documentaries.

Mark Katz, president of Distribution for National Geographic Cinema Ventures said there is a stigma with museums often appealing only to children or the elderly. However, these films, including documentaries about dinosaurs and reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, are for made for everyone.

“The films are not done to speak to 5-year-olds, they are done to speak to people of all ages,” Katz said.

Erica Brown, vice president of marketing for Thanksgiving Point, also said the Nation Geographic films appeal to more than just one audience, and that they allowing visitors to go on a journey and experience things that normally would not be possible.

“They are aimed at people who are inquisitive (and) who want to learn more about the world,” Brown said. “All of the different films are experiences that people would not be able to have on their own. It’s going on a voyage. (It’s) traveling vicariously through the film.”

Gary Hyatt, Director of Farm Country & Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point also said because the films are specifically made for Museum Theaters around the nation, they cannot be seen on television.

“People of all ages and all walks of life enjoy National Geographic and the things they do, from the magazine to their TV channel,” Hyatt said. “You couldn’t see these on TV.”

The agreement was reached in part because Thanksgiving Point and National Geographic have similar aims. This venture allows them to further promote these missions by offering a hands-on learning experience.

“National geographic is a very big organization with a mission about fostering learning and understanding about the world and the environment,” Katz said. “Museums like Thanksgiving Point have similar kinds of missions, so the opportunity for us to partner with them is a way for us to extend our mission with someone who has a like mission.”

National Geographic will supply Thanksgiving Point with two new films per year. The Mammoth Theater is located in the Museum of Ancient Life and is currently showing the 3D film “Flying Monsters.” Tickets are $7.50 for adults and $5.50 for children and seniors. For more information go to

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