Utah’s own Ryan Darton to perform this Friday at the Velour


Ryan Darton, a Utah native formerly of the band Kid Theodore, will return home to kick-off his solo debut album tour Friday, June 22 at the Velour.

“Ryan’s music is a needle in a haystack,” said Michael Luebke, Darton’s bass guitarist. “There is a lot to what he says, and the music speaks for itself.”

Darton’s career has been fueled by passion for the power and influence of music. He began to seriously pursue music in middle school and has never stopped creating since. Influenced by many facets of life, Darton described his music as being a “celebration of life in all aspects,” including the highs and the lows.

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“It’s amazing how [music] can shape your emotions in the moment,” Darton said.

On his website, Darton said that he writes music about love and loss, songs that people can connect to. Darton’s goal is to create a soundtrack to these emotions.

“Everyone passes through such a diverse palette of experiences in life but there’s beauty in all of it,” he said.  “It’s all worth recognizing.”

Now residing in Los Angeles, Darton’s career journey has led him home to Utah for a summer tour starting in Provo. His tour will lead to the debut of his first album “I am a Moth” set to release on July 24 in LA.

He and his band are excited to begin the tour and even love being on the road.

“It’s great being on the stage every night and fulfilling that desire [of performing],” Darton said.

He also admitted that Provo is one of his favorite places on the tour and expressed excitement for the “openness of the Provo music scene.” His only reluctance is leaving his young family at home while he is away on tour.

One unique aspect of Darton’s music is that a part of every purchase, whether music, merchandise or a live concert, goes to a charitable organization. Darton currently donates to a few organizations and is looking to expand the reach.

“It’s really important in life to have a level of selflessness,” said Darton. “I’ve committed to always having charities as part of the business plan.”

Lubeke also commented that not only is Darton’s music noteworthy, but he is a genuine and honest musician.

“He treats us all with the utmost respect and we all want to stay with him,” said Luebke.

Darton is scheduled to play with The New Electric Sound and The Blue Aces this Friday at 8:00 p.m. at the Velour.

Check out his website at ryandarton.com for a free song download and more information.



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