Art Card offers new students social and academic bonuses


By Sarah Brothers, Office of First Year Experience

Quick, it’s Friday and you’re out of cheap fun ideas. Rent was due last week and you don’t have a lot of cash but you want to ask out that cutie in your ward. As you thumb
through your wallet, you see your First-Year Arts Card – there is your answer.

The Arts Card is a unique opportunity provided only to new students. The card allows
students to get into select performances for only $2 instead of the full student ticket price. That’s right, for as much as a value fry and ice cream you can participate in BYU life by attending one of BYU’s renowned performing groups.

“I felt like the Arts Card was an excellent way for freshmen to experience different aspects of the BYU culture without having to worry about cost,” says Rachel Bollwinkle,
a current sophomore from Park City.

The majority of Arts Card events not only provide a date that will score you points, and will also fulfill curricular requirements.

Benjamin Christensen, a freshman this past year, said, “I loved my Arts Card because it helped me get cheap tickets to popular events like Synthesis and helped fill a requirement for my writing class.”

There are many exciting events for BYU this coming year, and the Arts Card includes 8 performances per semester. These events include the popular eviDANCE (formerly titled World of Dance) and BYU’s Philharmonic in the fall. Winter semester selections
include Phantom of the Opera, the famous BYU Vocal Point and Utah Symphony.

The Aims of a BYU Education states students should be educated in a variety of areas, including the arts with “lively appreciation of the artistic, literary, and intellectual achievements of human cultures” (, and the Office of  First-Year Experiences cultivates that education by sponsoring the First-Year Arts Card.

New students can get their Arts Card from their peer mentors, and transfer students can pick them up at Transfer Student Orientation or the Office of First-Year Experience, 2006 JKB.

When it comes to freshman deals, Spencer Smchutz from Virginia said, “The Arts Card
is the ultimate coupon for students.”

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