Police Beat: EFY kids caught in tree



May 30- A student reported his external hard drive missing from the third floor of the HBLL. The student later called back and said he located the hard drive, it was not stolen or lost, it was only misplaced.

May 30- A female at Wymount Terrace was vacuuming her car. She used the change from her wallet to use the vacumn and then left the wallet on the passenger seat. She shut her car doors and left to wash her floor mats. When she returned her wallet was missing. Officers arrived and looked around but could not find anything.

June 4- A 14-foot utility trailer was stolen from lot 19. The trailer is used to transport a carpet stripper, which was taken out before the trailer was stolen. The trailer is worth $10,000.

June 4- A student came to pick up their bicycle which had been impounded but found it was stolen from the police’s impound lot.

Theft and Arrest

June 3- A father and son were seen removing bicycles from a bike rack and loading them into a green Dodge truck at Wyview Park. The student said the owners gave him permission to take the bikes at the end of the semester. Police recovered one bicycle from the truck and four bicycles from another apartment in Provo. The father and son were both arrested, cited with a class B misdemeanor and released.


May 30- A man in his late 50s was seen at Jamba Juice in the WSC asking about EFY kids on campus — how old they were and where they were staying. When police arrived the suspect had left

June 2- Two suspicious males were seen looking into vehicles in lot 3. When officers arrived the suspects were gone.

Agency Assist

May 31- A male was interrupted stealing a bicycle when a witness called police. The witness followed the suspect who ran towards the Smith Fieldhouse and into the Richards Building. Officers arrived and apprehended the suspect hiding between two storage trailers on the west side of the practice field. Officers detained the suspect and handed him over to the Provo Police.


June 3- Two males got into a fight in the Benson Building. Police arrived and interviewed them. Charges are pending.

Welfare Check

May 29- EFY boys were seen climbing in trees on campus. When an officer arrived the boys were gone but the officer then found four EFY girls climbing trees. The officer told them to get out of the tree and explained why it could be harmful to them.

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