Police Beat: Physics lab alarm tripped because of water leak


Suspicious Activity

May 24- Suspicious persons were reported climbing and jumping off the bus stop benches and roof near the Foreign Language Housing. The suspects were gone when the officer arrived.

May 26- Two transient males were reported asking for rides in the parking lot next to the J. Reuben Clark Building. They were waiting at the bus stop when they found out the next bus to west Orem was in an hour and started asking for rides. An officer asked them to leave the area and they complied.

Property Damage

May 24- An alarm for an underground physics lab in the Henry B. Eyring Science Center was triggered because of flooding from the floor above. Two TAs had noticed water dripping from the ceiling but did not report it. Instead a professor noticed the water, asked the students if they had noticed and then called for assistance. The leak was found and repaired.


May 24- Thermal imaging cameras caught four males at LaVell Edwards Stadium at 3 a.m. When an officer tried to detain the individuals they fled, however thermal imaging cameras found them again. The suspects were charged with criminal trespass, public intoxication and failure to stop at the command of an officer.

May 26- An alarm was tripped in Lavell Edwards Stadium but when officers arrived they found a youth football camp in progress. There had been a failure to notify the police of the youth camp.

Found Property

May 25- Four boxes of unused .22 caliber ammunition were found at Wyview Student Housing. The ammunition was secured in a vault by a student until it was turned over to an officer.


May 24- Two vehicles were westbound on 500 West when one vehicle stopped behind several cars at a stoplight. The second vehicle did not stop at the light and rear-ended the first vehicle. The driver who hit the other vehicle was examined by paramedics and released with slight injuries and minor swelling.


May 23- A cell phone was reported stolen from the bathroom near the bowling alley in the Wilkinson Center at 9 p.m. The phone was an iPhone 3GS valued at $100.

May 24- A laptop valued at $1,000 was reported stolen from the Joseph Smith Building. The theft occurred sometime between April 25 to 30.

May 25 -A $300 bike was taken from a bike rack near the Tanner Building. The bike was left there overnight and the cable lock had been cut.

May 25 -A bike worth $850 was stolen from the bike rack near the Information Technology Building.



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