Intramurals are keeping families together


Kevin Adams cheered his brother on from the sidelines as he scored the winning goal in the first game of the intramural soccer tournament.

Some students join intramural teams to release stress, others because they love the sport and some simply have no expectations. Though the composition of teams are different, this team is unique. They are family.

They call themselves the “Grass Stains” and come from San Diego. 5 of the eleven players on the team belong to the Adams’ family and the sixth married into it.

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The "Grass Stains" intramural soccer team
“I like to see all of us running out there and the teamwork that we have on the field as well as in our family,” Kevin said.

Aside from helping them stay active and having fun together, one of the siblings, Rachel McGovern, says it has brought their family closer together.

“It gives us a meeting point,” McGovern said. “Otherwise we wouldn’t normally see each other very often.”

With the exception of the twins Joseph and Justin Adams, the whole family has played on a high school soccer team. Before intramural soccer, the family only played when they met up in San Diego.

“It gets us all outside and doing something together,” Kevin said.

The rest of the team says the siblings are easy going and playful, which creates a relaxed environment for everyone else on the team.

“It’s a very chill team,” team member Rachele Speroni said. “If someone makes a mistake there is no frustration.”

The Adams’ experience and camaraderie is clear to everyone else on the team.

“It’s really fun because they play off of each other,” team member Abby Meldau said. “You can tell that they’ve played together for a long time.”

The rest of the Grass Stains are witnesses of the Adams’ family easy going personalities as well as their drive to do well without forgetting the end goal: to just have fun.

“They don’t get as hung up on not doing well,” Meldau said. “They are very supportive of one another.”

Playing the game comes naturally to the Adams’ because aside from their common love for soccer, they have years of experience on the field as well as off it.

“They already have that family tie and it helps bring the rest of us together,” Meldau said.





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