Police Beat: Cars parked in faculty parking lot touching bumpers but no damage


Suspicious Persons

May 8- A male in his 40s asked a female who was sitting in her car by the Provo Temple if she was all alone. Then he went around her car and took pictures of her license plates. She drove away and reported it to the police. The suspect fled.

May 8- A male came to a parked car and indicated to the female to roll down the window. Another male wearing a hoodie sitting in a car next to the female seemed to also have a nefarious purpose. The female refused to open the window and left the scene rapidly.  The suspects left the scene before police arrived.

May 9- Two males were riding BMX bikes in Brigham Young Square around 10 p.m. They fled when police arrived. The police tried to locate the suspects but were unable to find them.[media-credit  align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]


May 9- A BYU employee reported receiving a phone message from a male with a low voice saying she would regret what she had done. The police tracked the cell phone owner. The owner agreed to help the police with the investigation, but did not recognize the call made from that phone. The case is still under investigation.


May 9- A male student was injured playing games on campus. He ran head-on into another student causing strong headaches. The police told him to go to the hospital.

May 11- A student complained to be lightheaded after inhaling fumes from the SWKT. The BYU EMS arrived to help him but he refused treatment or to go to the hospital.

May 11- A female student called police after accidentally cutting her hand. She was sitting down on the bathroom floor pressing the deep wound on her hand when police arrived at Wyview Park housing. Another student drove her to the hospital to receive stitches.

May 12- A student suffered strong chest pains and was sent to the UVR Medical Center immediately.

Banned Individual

May 10- A parking enforcement vehicle read the license plate of an banned individual on campus.  The police waited for two hours for individual to return. The banned individual never came back and police left the area and filed a brought-to-attention report.


May 10- The front bumpers of  two cars were touching each other in the faculty parking lot. The faculty member called police to check the cars. Neither car had any damage.

Citizen Contact

May 10- A female lost her keys of her bike lock. She could not access the bike so she called the campus police. The police cut off the lock and she was able to ride her bike.

Animal Problem

May 10-  A student called from Wyview Park housing saying there was a bird by the stairwell in the student apartment. The police arrived and found an injured pigeon, but it flew away.

Traffic Offense

May 10- Someone reported a motorcycle riding on the sidewalk between the Wilkinson Center and the Harris Fine Arts. When police arrived the offender had left the area.

Lost Property

May 11- An international student reported his Ecuadorian passport lost. The last time he remembers having the passport was when his wife brought it to campus for him and has not not been located.

May 11- A female student left her backpack at the bus stop and when she returned it was gone. Then she decided she actually had left it on campus at the computer lab. The backpack was found at the lab and returned to its owner.


May 12- A faculty member was locked out of his office and called the police for help. When police arrived on the scene, the doors were opened and the faculty member was able to get in.

Public Peace

May 12- Somebody reported loud music coming from campus around 11 p.m. The police checked the area and noticed the loud music came from off campus.

Criminal Mischief

May 12- An unknown individual wrote on the sidewalk the words “Leuven” on the east side of campus. The graffiti was removed.


May 11- A female student reported her bike stolen. The bike was found one rack away where she had actually parked it. She had not used her bike since April 12.

May 11- It was reported that one student’s bike was stolen between 2 p.m. and 7p.m. The value of the bike was approximately $150.


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