BYU student redefines homemaking


On Wednesday night visitors came to a Death Party in the Harris Fine Arts Center to celebrate the figurative death of homemaking.

Alexi Bullock, a senior studying graphic design, is the artist behind Domaign, the new idea of homemaking. She said the term homemaking just isn’t what it used to be.

“The principles of homemaking are so important,” Alexi Bullock said. “The core was there, the foundation was all correct, but it just needed to be changed and altered to fit the new generation.”

Alexi Bullock said when most people think of homemaking they think of cooking and cleaning, but there is much more that goes into creating, maintaining and building a great life within the home. That’s when the term homemaking died and the concept of Domaign was born.

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Alexi Bullock, the creator of Domaign, stands in front of her show in the Harris Fine Arts Center.
The tagline for Domaign is “Design a Perfect Life” and Alexi Bullock said she wants visitors to see the show and go design their own perfect life.

“The perfect that I’m talking about is like a complete,” Alexi Bullock said. “It’s that beautiful, peaceful perfection. You’re not going to create the entire perfection without all of the pieces and the pieces that make up Domaign will help you cover all of that and reach your version of what perfect is.”

Domaign is made up of seven principles: design, finances, health, housekeeping, personal improvement, relationships and time management. Each principle is represented in this educational show with interactive activities visitors may participate in.

Allison Lysenko was one of the visitors dressed in black at the show. She enjoyed the new concept of Domaign.

“I feel like anytime you tell someone you want to be a stay-at-home mom or your mom was a homemaker, it has this negative connotation to it,” Lysenko said. “But then this new idea, it rebrands it and it appeals to a new generation.”

Lysenko was one of many visitors experiencing the interactive show. Some activities for visitors include taking relationship quizzes and arranging magnets on a board to practice time management.

Both men and women were at the show learning about the new concept of Domaign. Greg Bullock, Alexi’s husband, said even from a man’s perspective, Domaign is a great idea.

“I think it’s awesome, just the whole need for change,” Greg Bullock said. “Coming from a guy’s perspective, it’s cool to see that it’s not a little lady in a frilly apron feather dusting all day. That’s just not what homemaking is.”

The show was seen by both men and women in different stages of life. Alexi Bullock said she wants visitors to know Domaign isn’t just for married women with children. Domaign helps you design your perfect life in any stage of life.

“Roommates, no roommates, single, married, guy, girl, Domaign is for everyone,” Alexi Bullock said.

This educational show will be showcased in the B.F. Larsen Gallery on the third floor of the Harris Fine Arts Center. The show is free and will be on display from May 16-30.

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