Local restaurants encourage celebrating National Hamburger Month


The month of May is more than half over, yet many carnivores are still unaware that this month signifies a great celebration for them: National Hamburger Month.

The all-American favorite is celebrated throughout the month of May, but the official day to nationally celebrate the holiday is May 28. Burger joints around Provo are getting in the spirit and offering deals and new styles of hamburgers this month to give attention to the iconic meal.

Adra Taylor, assistant manager at Smash Burger in Orem, is excited about Smash Burger’s new hamburger being featured in honor of the month-long holiday.

“The new wedge club burger includes fresh iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing and crumbles, tomatoes, bacon and onions,” Taylor said.

If that doesn’t make your mouth water, maybe the fact that you can get one for free will.

“If our customers go online and register for our updates, they can get a buy one, get one free coupon for any of our tasty hamburgers,” Taylor said. “We encourage everyone to come in and try our new feature burger to celebrate.”

Tyler Bench, a pre-accounting major at BYU, has jumped on the National Hamburger Month bandwagon.

“I had no idea that this was a national holiday, but I’m definitely excited to use this holiday as an excuse to eat what I already love,” Bench said. “As a guy, I like to pride myself on knowing a high quality hamburger. I’ll probably try out some different burgers and see if I find a new favorite.”

Manager of the Creamery on 9th, Jason Carter, said that the 9th Street Grill located within the creamery is the perfect place to celebrate.

“We are known for our quality, fresh burgers,” Carter said. “The beef we use is freshly ground and never frozen. In fact, we don’t create the patty until it is ordered, and then we make it right in front of our customers. Our popular burger right now is the guacamole burger which features guacamole that we make fresh every day.”

The 9th Street Grill is undergoing renovations to keep the fun 50s diner feel which Carter said he believes is unique to Provo.

With numerous restaurants featuring quality burgers around Provo, now seems like a great time to get out and celebrate the national holiday by trying a new burger or revisiting a longtime favorite.

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