Three day closure for University Parkway starts tonight


Drivers who frequent the I-15 interchange at University Parkway will have to change their driving habits — at least for the next few days.

The closure of University Parkway will begin Friday, May 18, at 10 p.m. and continue through Tuesday, May 22, at 5:30 a.m., and will affect the stretch of road from 400 West to the I-15 interchange.

Leigh Dethman, public relations manager for the I-15 Core Project, said the closure is necessary to make the finishing touches to the area.

“We are trying to get the word out so people can plan ahead,” Dethman said. “It is going to be rough for a few days, but the  new continuous flow intersection will improve traffic flow for the people in the area.”

Dethman said she is optimistic about the new intersection.

“People are going to see more green lights,” Dethman said. “That is never a bad thing.”

The closure is part of the final stage of construction of a continuous flow intersection. This type of intersection is the first in Utah county. According to Dethman, it may be confusing to those who have never used one before.

“It’s hard to explain simply,” Dethman said. “The best thing we can tell people is to watch the animation to see the changes.”

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Drivers headed to the freeway, UVU or business affected by the closure should find alternate routes.

“This is another important milestone as we work to finish this project by December,” Dethman said.

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