Springville Art Museum transformed into a wonderland


The 46th Annual Art Ball went wonder-fully at the Springville Art Museum — Alice in Wonder-land that is.

This year’s theme for the annual fundraiser was “Through the Looking Glass.”  It created the atmosphere the Art Ball Committee was looking for.

“We only started planning this in February,” said Shari Woodward, committee co-chair, “It’s really remarkable what we were able to pull off.”

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Among many others, Kaya and Brooke Hartley, daughters of the museum’s associate director, were caught decorating teacups donated by IKEA while patrons strolled and dined in the upper galleries.

“I think this is probably the coolest setup they’ve had so far,” said Kaya Hartley

Each art gallery was decorated to represent different areas of Wonderland, from tables adorned with chess pieces to rooms full of roses painted red. While a new brand of live music accompanied each annex of the museum, live-art displays were also stationed to entertain guests.

Fifteen-year-old Nicki Parish is currently taking classes at the museum and was one of two chosen to demonstrate live-art in the middle of the gallery.

“I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember,” Parish said.

She plans on continuing her studies by apprenticing with Jeff Hein, founder of the Hein Academy of Art in Salt Lake City.

No matter the status in society, middle schooler to mayor, the Springville Art Gallery allowed everyone to mingle with the artists and even purchase some of the 250 works on display. Among the artists were several BYU grads including Helen Snelgrove.

Snelgrove started her BYU studies in the 1950s and after a series of what she called decade long “vacations,” completed her degree in 2003 with a BFA in sculpture, “abstract sculpture” according to her husband.

“This is the fourth time I have placed a piece in the museum,” said Snelgrove, who claimed to not draw well, “I just do stuff.”

Her two granddaughters are graphic artists currently studying at BYU, but the three share Grandma Snelgrove’s home to store their “art junk.”

“It’s a lot of junk,” Snelgrove said.

One grandmother’s junk is another gallery’s treasure in this case. The Art Ball was also a time to celebrate the 88th annual Spring Salon, which will be on display through July 1st.


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